Where tiger skin once symbolized grandeur to British colonial culture, the likeminded alias of Berlin’s Dub Taylor has reigned in a similar grandeur for his diligent House stylings.

Back on track for Sydney based imprint Future Classic, dual digital/vinyl release ‘Lied’ symbolizes a strong vintage resurgence for a genre too often lost in the shadows of fashionable culture. While the track purveys some familiar hallmarks from the low-end leaning realms of Deep House, Taylor’s intricate key work and ornamented grooves play nostalgic wonder upon a sound that has been considerably replicated in a less uplifting manner of late.

Out on December 10th.

Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Preview: Tigerskin – Lied”

  • Great track!!!

  • please tell me where i can find more tracks like this? i am in love

  • sounds awesome cool!

  • Where would one be able to purchase a vinyl?

  • Why the fuck would you use this type of academic english on a music blog. It’s just ridiculous

  • Erik, why the fuck do you think music and academics are mutually exclusive?

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