With a wealth of positivity surrounding the Dance music industry’s universal union, American tunemonger Wolfgang Gartner returns to aid newfound Mau5trap protégé Tom Staar’s inauguration to Ultra Music with a new original production called ‘Evil Lurks’.

Pitching conciously cacophonic and fidgety synth play alongside Gartner’s signature wobbles, ‘Evil Lurks’ unites old school spirit and new school edge for a surprisingly melodic collaborative effort from two of the globe’s most intriguing producers of late.

Out December 3rd.

11 Comments to “Preview: Wolfgang Gartner & Tom Staar – Evil Lurks”

  • I just love when producers try something completely new.

  • ”hehe” Oh the irony.

  • doesnt sound any better then the qulinez last two songs

  • At fucking last! Awesome track!
    @troul Irony? Why, what track did they rip off/copy?
    @mike REALLY??????? Seriously, REALLY??

  • Really like this–Wolfgang killing it this year

  • This sounds quite disharmonic in comparison to most of Wolfgang’s other songs.

  • Similiar with Channel 42, but I like it!

  • Honestly not impressed. I saw Tom Staar and was expecting something with awesome energy. Disappointing IMO.

  • Love it, sounds fresh!

    @mike – Wow…

    @Rene – I think that’s the point of the melody.

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