Since leaking online in the first quarter of last year, Avicii’s ‘Levels‘ has played a major role in fuelling his meteoric rise to the status of DJ superstar over the past year. But in hopes of further extending its shelf life, Universal Music and Avicii join forces with Sonu Nigam to release an official Indian version of the track, aptly entitled ‘Indian Levels’. Though uninspiring, ‘Indian Levels’ is certain to see a considerable amount of attention throughout the remainder of the year, making a name for himself across India in the process.

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45 Comments to “Release: Avicii vs. Sonu Nigam – Indian Levels”

  • This is a joke, right?

  • ahahahaahaha

  • what the fuck. he literally just lost all credilbility as a producer and dj. there is no way anyone can tell me the crap he is doing now is isnt just another way to make more money.

  • $$$$!


  • Why on earth are you posting this disaster?


  • Lol at the autotune.

  • ahahahah 1.06

  • can you plz take this down bmd

  • Well. Of course this is gonna get a lot of hate, but seeing it from a business perspective, I can fully understand him for doing this.

    India is an insanely huge market, with ALOT of money to be made!

    The vocal however, is horrible.

  • Hahaha, everyone CHILL OUT. Just like Alex says, India is a big market. Avicii probably never planned on releasing a ”Indian Vocal version”. Ash said in one of the Levels Podcasts that Universal downright bought the track, so it’s THEY who did this. ”Distributed by Universal Music India”

    This is, however, a very smart move.

  • Didn’t see this one coming? Avicii better shape up, has so much great unreleased tracks but wastes time on this type of disaster

  • wtf is this shit

  • This is like dubbing an english movie with french, german, indian or whatever voice actors. I just hate that.

    If it’s a really good movie they will watch, no need to play it in a different language. The same goes for a good song I think.

  • 1.06

    Amazing. I guess this one is approved by the ”At Night Management”.
    Great work guys! Keep on bringin’ quality releases.

  • What the fuck is this shit? This legendary tune has been violated beyond any measure and me being an Indian have to say that Sonu Nigam had no fucking business whatsoever to lend his voice to this track

    What a fucking waste of time!

  • Thanks guys! I worked really hard on this. Especially the transition at 1:06 was the hardest thing ive ever done. Cant wait to play this song on festivals and put my right hand weirdly in the air to it pretending to play the instruments.

    Also get ready for:

    Avicii vs Nicki Minaj – Fade into Crap
    Avicii vs David Hasselhoff – Ive been looking for Levels
    and of course
    Avicii vs Britney Spears – Ops I blessed it again

  • This is the problem with HOUSE SCENE … Everybody think its a great idea to explore new markets and make ultra cheese tracks so they can get americans to listen their music and when they start to go on tours in america.. the sweet talk starts about how the festivals are so crazy and people go bananas and yada yada dadad,,,

    Doesn’t avicii really have a opinion in such things? Does he really want to do this kind of stuff no disrespect to india but cmon this is quite lame already.. maybe avicii is losing his hearing after all those big shows.. kids be careful with your ears!!

  • Indian Flo-Rida

  • To Avicii, you’ think you’re funny eh?

  • Hey Guys,

    thank you all for your honest opinion.
    Unfortunately we couldn’t get Flo Rida to do the Indian Rap part so we just had to improvise.

    The result turned out really good, I’m very pleased with it – my Porsche collection is pleased, too.

    Anyway, big things are coming up:
    I told Tim that we have to make the next big step – that’s why there will be a movie called ”Indian Bromance”, in the style of a Bollywood B-Movie.
    Also we decided to remix the shit out of Benny Lava and an original production with Taylor Swift called ”I know we are trouble”.
    Just stay tuned.

  • lol we will never hear this in a show anyways. Keep moving along guys.

  • Official remix by @@ and Oakich!!!!

    Support by: Snoop Dogg, Mitt Romney, BAN KI MUN, Randy Marsh AND David Hasselhoff !!!

  • @Oakich

    Sounds really good! Just one thing though, less air-attack-horn-thingy and more cowbell. Pete Tong Essential New Tune for sure!

  • Is he trying to be the Indian Eric Turner? haha, cause that ain’t working

  • ”Avicii vs David Hasselhoff – Ive been looking for Levels”

    That cracked me up hahahaha
    I have no idea wtf is wrong with Avicii, but he’s losing it…Oh, and wtf happened with ”his” track EDOM? Is it gonna be a remix of Michael Woods’s ”Drop Zone”, or did he just ripped the track off?

  • varför postar ni sånt här?

  • lmfao…wdf is this crap ?


  • The indian market is really huge so maybe it’s time for you to start up and post indian shit there instead. Or is it just me?

  • maybe the mayans were right after all

  • What…. DA FUCK……… whas that? ô.Ô

  • Hahahahaha is it a joke and is avicii ready to take this on ????

  • The new catch phrase: ”Doesn’t matter, got paid”

  • Avicii is literally Hitler.

  • This just shows what a SELL OUT AVICII IS! Bad productions, great business mens and only doing it for money.

  • THAT autotune xD but seriously, I don’t think it’s Tim’s fault, I guess neither Ash’s… I guess that track is that much overplayed, but now they made it even worse… horrible… first I laughed, but then, when i was listening to this… I just shook my head… I guess the only one who makes money here is Universal India. PERIOD.

  • I don’t see why you would put this on the main site. I really don’t.

  • This is a joke. Can’t believe what Ash and Avicii are doing concerning their release policy. Instead of releasing the amazing but still unreleased Avicii tracks regularly, they sell the masterpiece Levels and let it get abused for such a cheap and unnecessary version.

    He should get back in creating good music and leave this commercial sell out shit aside. I am a huge fan of Avicii’s music but he has lost a lot of credibility over the last year. I think At Night Management is missing the point… it’s just about making money anymore… Very sad…

  • and @beatmyday:

    Why do you post something like this on your highly acclaimed page… It doesn’t deserve a post nor a read.

  • is it only me, or is @ 1.07 out of beat? hahaha check it out, sounds REALLY awkward and wrong

  • bad music made by bad artist. This is disgusting

  • Stop justiying this with new markets and shit.

    Its electronic music, it doesnt need vocals and should be international. But this is what EDM has become. make it more sucessfull by adding shit vocals in a random language

  • This is really sad. Not only because Levels was AGAIN disfigured by horrible vocals, Sogu Nigam usually is a very good singer, famous for his songs in Hindi movie soundtracks, but here his voice was distorted with autotune or something.
    I’m wondering what is worse – these horrible vocals or those terrible ones on Nicktim…