After a year of well-received releases, exciting bootlegs and a tour-schedule that would cripple even the strongest seasoned DJ, it is safe to say that the punch behind Robbert van de Corput’s premature legacy is no short-lived fad. But still seeing heavy support on his last solo single, ‘Spaceman‘, Hardwell returns for the release of it’s very follow-up, ‘Apollo’.

First premiered at his Revealed event at club Escape in Amsterdam during this year’s ADE, ‘Apollo’ sees Hardwell joined by Sydney songstress Amba Shepherd for a mix of his uplifting synth work and Shepherd’s ethereal vocals. Still packing a strong punch within its grinding low-end beats, ‘Apollo’ proves itself something of a solid mark of musical maturity from Hardwell.

Beatport Link

Update (1/12): ‘Apollo’ just hit #1 on Beatport.

Update (14/3): The official video has been released and is available for your viewing pleasure below.

11 Comments to “Release: Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo”

  • sounds okay

  • sounds off.
    the track never really gains momentum because of the electro. vocals are awesome though

  • No offence to beatmyday for doing a great job but ”house” doesn’t belong to this track.. can’t hear a single element of house in this track

  • Are you deaf Mike? House is somewhat the whole world called this type of music before that horrible term EDM came along…

    Massive massive track this is, been waiting for this since ADE! amazing melody and those vocals are so catchy!

  • to Christian

    This is 100% electro just listen to the drop.. and hardwell is more a electro DJ he barely plays any house music am I deaf? maybe you are if you honestly think this is house music…

  • This song is terrible.

  • Beatmyday commentators sure make me feel bad for liking music.

  • Amazing vocals! The rest.. njaa.. it’s ok!

  • I still can’t believe that he is #6 at Djmag list. This is awful.

  • How the f*ck is this the top track on beatport?! I’m confused.

  • check Porter Robinson – Unison (Mikkas Remix) for the drop, you’ll smile :D

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