As debuted by Swedish House Mafia at Friends Arena in Stockholm this past weekend, brotherly Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike make their return to officially unveil a heavy-footed new original track of theirs, entitled ‘Wakanda’.

Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the burly low-end surges and churning rhythmic builds make for one of the most pervasive yet minimalistic peak timers of the season. Leaping from subtle swells to surges of standalone lead play, the Tomorrowland residents prove that less can still be all the more powerful on the 21st century dance floor with this triumphant low-end club cut.

More info on the release as we get it.

27 Comments to “Live Preview: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Wakanda”

  • When this came on I lost my mind.

  • So. Damn. Good. Can’t wait for the release!!

  • Den var sjukt mäktig live!

  • sick track!! but what about mammoth???

  • Meh…..What about the intro track? Any info’s on that one?

  • Ohh heeeerrejävlar va mäktig!

  • Höjdpunkten på SHMs spelning

  • @ Bandis, the first track is the intro mix of greyhound, probably just a tool, but a release would be great!

  • Sounds massive… but they need to release Mammoth before this, that track is epic!

  • Så jävla tung!!
    alla bara fu*kade ur när SHM spelade den på friends arena! :D

  • The mash with Derb – In Africa makes it f*cking amazing.
    Awesome reaction from the crowd when this track came on!

  • Johan: Not a mash.

  • i feel old. cause all that comes in my mind after listening to this ’song’ is that i can’t understand how you guys can like this. and why the fuck did shm play it.

  • @olle At least giving it as a free download would be great.
    @Tom Any info on Mammoth? That track is devastating! (in a good way)

  • Wakanda, huh? I wonder if they’re fans of Marvel’s Black Panther :)

  • @Vickeiy
    It’s not meant to be a melodic sensation, it is a tool for live acts to pull when they want a reaction from the crowd. Sandro Silva & Quintino’s Epic falls under the same category, as well as Nari & Milani – Atom.

    You’re supposed to feel like you’ve been hit by a truck when the drop comes on. I don’t see any harm in the genre progressing towards new sounds.

  • This song was mental live

  • just hear Jacob Van Hage & Saint Liz – Voodoo . . .and tell me your oppinion . . .pretty same drop . . .

  • @cowy – sounds almost identical from the poor vid quality snippet of SHM dropping it. The bass from the show speakers are so intense it kind of renders the beat in a way i cant make an exact comparrison. either way they both have massive drops.

    my fucking face melted. excited for the release.

  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike first played this track in Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando, Fl, USA it’s a crowd jumper

  • Please… this track sucks, cant understand why SHM has this track in their sets….

  • This is song is absolutley amazing!

  • Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child, Friends Arena, Backstage. Check it out!

  • When will this track release?? can’t wait for it..It’s Damn good..Awesome!!

  • Axtone!!!

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