Having reigned in a spree of live and recorded landmarks throughout 2012, Eric Prydz makes his hotly tipped return under his Pryda alias after the release of ‘Eric Prydz Presents Pryda‘. Made up of headline single ‘Bergen’, formerly known to fans as the Café Mambo ID, and equally impressive B-side ‘Recomondos’, his ‘PRY023′ EP maintains the momentum of his diverse melodic journey as Pryda, elaborating a smooth fusion of Progressive House that to this day has not been wholeheartedly topped.

But in addition to the momentum behind his EPIC radio show and latest single ‘Every Day’ still keeping him fixed upon the industry radar, PRY023 suggests that as we approach the new year, Eric Prydz is sure to remain a force of reckoning for Electronic music at its most elevated creative heights throughout 2013.

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10 Comments to “Release: Pryda – Bergen / Recomondos (PRY023 EP)”

  • Pure magic! Music does not get any better…

  • Impossible doing something better. Yes Master !

  • I’m speachless in front of this man . . .the one and only !!!

  • I would say that I prefer the Indian version of Levels compared to this crap……NOOOOOOOOT!

    Why is it so that Eric is one of the very few artists that stays true to what progressive house is really about while most others distort and destroy the genre with their cheese pop-music? All my respect goes to you mr. Pryda, once again you deliver while staying true to your roots, Im speechless…..

  • ALDO: Because most ”progressive house” producers don’t have the talent to produce and sell music that is not ”hot” at the moment.

    When the cheese and electrocrap they call progressive house these days are no longer successful commercially, they will no longer be able to sell their music. Eric Prydz will, because he makes music for people who love progressive house, not kids that are caught up in a fad.

  • @ ALDO so true…
    just to be clear, today we’ve got tracks released from dimitri vegas&like mike (from 2 very important people of one of the biggest summer festivals in europe), zedd, avicii (2 still rising stars), hardwell, dirty south (i guess i don’t have to explane myself), arno cost (i just loved his every single remix) and some guys i don’t really care about (yet). and from eric prydz. these are big names, and the bigger they are the bigger is the disappointment. so avicii approved some shitty rework of his biggest track, dm&lm… i can’t the words for that kind of shit, hardwell released some track that i’ll forget in a week, same for arno cost, zedd continues to release the extended mixes of the tracks of his latest (and only) album, dirty south released an OK track with a promising talent of the cheesyprogyfamily (sry good track, still). todays best tracks price goes for 2 noname guys (gabriel & castellon) and eric prydz (again).

  • @heutZe

    Thanks for the explanation mate, but it I was speaking rhetorically, I’m sure you got this right?! Anyways, you are very much spot on, Avicii is the flavour of the day whereas people like EP will be around for years to come! Thank God for that….

  • @vickely: You mean Gabriel & Dresden, and those two are not some ”noname guys”. They have been doing this for 30 years, so I think they are pretty good at what they do.

  • Dark and beautiful

  • never fails to impress

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