Dutch duo Bassjackers return to Spinnin’ Records to aid former hardstyle masters Showtek’s inauguration to the label with hard-hitting new original track ‘Hey!’. Already frequenting such esteemed imprints as Musical Freedom and Wall Recordings, this quadruple threat effort calls upon their respective studio dialects to create an intense romp of dignified club fuel for the fourth and final quarter of 2012.

In their usual manner, Bassjackers’ influence can be easily identified within the piercing lead play, leaving it to Showtek to bring the high-pitched synths. At its apex, however, the grinding chord play and mechanical precision of ‘Hey!’ make for a strong, festival-friendly release just in time for the new year.

Out December 31st.

7 Comments to “Preview: Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey!”

  • Undoubtedly the best release from Bassjackers! Same thing goes for Showtek, this is just how I like it, insane & totally mental!

  • I’d go fucking APESHIT to this!!

  • Quite boring

  • this is good but showtek betrayed hardstyle…. all im gonna say is i hope they made the right choice… Selling there hardstyle fans out is a harsh thing to do.

  • extreme kenectics…love them

  • have you read about HardWell last song, he did previously had a song by Showtek.

  • This track is pretty disgusting

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