With Norway promptly catching up on its industry-leading neighbours for 2012, the country’s leading Progressive export Carl Louis and Martin Danielle return for round two under their CLMD moniker with ‘Falling Like Angels’. Cut from the same melodic cloth that pervaded their acclaimed ‘Black Eyes and Blue‘ single, the duo’s ability to carve the distinct top line into a sweep of stuttering synths is a sure standout factor for this coming of age peak timer. With stern production values and intense emotive energy in full effect, ‘Falling Like Angels’ is a strong indication that the expanding fate of modern Progressive House looks exceedingly promising in the hands of this rising Norwegian duo and their inventive approach to production.

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Update: The official video has been released.

9 Comments to “Release: CLMD – Falling Like Angels”

  • one of the best tracks released this year for sure

  • KIller !!! Full Support For THis Guys !!!

  • Massive!!!

  • so actual House is listed as electronica on beatport?

  • no,it’s because of label . . .Sony’s house releases are always listed as electronica

  • Its great , but i wish they had released an instrumental mix .

  • So good!!!! Rumor has it instrumental will come later..

  • Usually I prefer the instrumental version of the tracks, but here the music loses a lot of interest without the vocal, epic track I always love these guys, and it’s only the begenning believe me some massive original-remixes coming.

  • AWESOME! but the sound of the lyrics reminds of a song just dont know which one

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