Wall Recordings warrior turned renowned Dutch remixer and formative Electro House stomper R3hab returns to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom to aid homeland peer ZROQ’s inauguration to the label with ‘Skydrop’.

As slick as it is heavy, this mechanically robust escapade of adrenaline driven Electro House marks one of the producers’ most inventive productions of late. From the tracks high-end riffage to its explosive peak of heavyset chord work, ‘Skydrop’ is no peak timer for the faint hearted, but a full-throttle charge of the grinding club qualities that continue to give weight to R3hab’s glowing presence on the global festival circuit and digital market alike.

Out December 17th.

9 Comments to “Preview: R3hab & ZROQ – Skydrop [Musical Freedom]”

  • Much better than all of his remixes lately, that’s for sure!

  • worst release of they year on musical freedom this year?

  • This track is heavy af!

  • First release from R3hab in awhile that isn’t absolute trash…

  • Jason: +1. too many shitty remixes…

  • This track is amazing!!

  • How can you guys think that this is good?
    I’m a really big fan of R3HAB, and have been for a long time.
    This, makes me think twice about him.. it’s the worst track I have heard this year. imho.

  • I like it. Sounds like it’s meant to carry the momentum in a mix.

  • Didn’t like it but I heard it live yesterday and it wasn’t that bad-

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