Off the cuff of a year that quickly saw them ascend the industry food chain, Swedish up-and-comers Qulinez make amends for the silence since their debut for Size Records single ‘Troll’ with a two-track offering for Steve Angello’s Size Records.

First premiered on their guest mix for Cr2 Records earlier this year, ‘Bamf’ deals in grinding synth work and mechanical beats for one of their heaviest offering so far, leaving Angello-approved set-staple ‘Dynamic’ to shake-up the strong melodic hallmarks that have already dominated their short yet sharp ascent of the global club circuit. Proving a solid compound of the elements that made their Size Records breakthrough such an immediate favorite, the oddly named Swedish duo indicate that in spite of their silence on the original production front Qulinez has more than one ace up their sleeve.

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0:00 – Bamf
1:30 – Dynamic

Words by Dan Carter

18 Comments to “Release: Qulinez – Bamf / Dynamic EP [Size]”

  • Wait! The chords that starts @ 1:15, are they a part of the first track? That’s fucking hilarious.

    I can’t believe these guys are signed to Size.

  • those chords your talking about are fucking great!

  • I really like this! I think Qulinez are gonna show theyr worth for Size in the near future! This EP…well Bamf is okay, but I really like Dynamic! Such a banger!

  • The BAMF track is gonna be mashed to death, 100% certain. The Middle 8 {Chorus} is terrible.

  • Fjortisdisco på hög nivå, det går bra nu Steve! , tiden då du hade passion för house musik. Nu är du bara en luffare som tappat allt, det har väl iofs alla ”stora” namnen inom house.

  • whats up with all the cheese? cant believe they are signed to Size, fucking one-hit wonder

  • Zedd – Scorpion Move

  • Haters gonna hate. Bamf is def better than Dynamic but it’s some mad decent material.

    Didn’t we tell you that hating was too mainstream now? just gtfo pls.

  • And this fucking bullshit about ”hating” im so fucking tired about it.

    GTFO yourself if you not can handle criticism!

  • I was also an hater, but then I found Jesus. Not but seriously, why all the hate? It’s not going to change ANYTHING? Steve is not going to UN-signed them just because some hate, criticism or whatever you wanna call it.

  • About time somebody decides to slap a pair of testicles back onto a progressive house track. Bamf is easily the most destructive track to emerge since Bassjackers’ universal bomb ”Mush Mush”! Thank you baby jesus progressive is just so unoriginal and recycled these days unfortunately. Enough with the predictable structure and feel-good, watered down melodic mush, let’s just dance and rage. It’s tracks like ”Bamf”, ”Mush Mush”, ”Sing2Me” and ”Raise Your Hands” that keep a track interesting to me. I suppose the imaginative selective pressures that producers face to produce more frequently and the sheer over-saturation of progressive house are reasons why everything sounds so generic to me. Thomas Gold DJing & productions) and Deniz Koyu (DJing) are pretty much the saviors for me.

  • Correction: Deniz Koyu’s productions* He’s not quite there in DJing yet although his radioshow is kinda hot.

  • BAMF is a bomb, the middle chorus is pretty bad though. Definitely will be good bootie material.

  • I can’t even begin to comprehend how bad the chords in BAMF are. Kinda liked the second track though.

  • when i first heard the previews i was really disappointed in both tracks, but now listening to them in full i really like them.
    Bamf is way better in my opinion though

  • Both tracks on the EP are club destroyers, I like Dynamic with its prog feel and BAMF with that dirty electro housey touch !. Overall Qulinez knows SIZE MATTERS !

  • Dynamic sounds like every other generic prog track. Bamf is interesting at points, some of the riffage is fun. Overall? Fairly weak release, but still better than some of the shit we’ve seen on Musical Freedom and Revealed lately.

  • If this EP was released on another label that wasn’t so popular or was made by less popular artist, most of you would’ve skipped and listened to other popular stuff on this site; this post would’ve gotten fewer comment. Some only like this song because it’s Qulinez, or because it’s Size or because it’s Steve Angello’s ;able who’s part of SHM who are ever so fucking popular. Listen up, there is better music on this blog. Most comments i see (not the ”hating” ones because i’m quite a prolific ”hater” myself) are so disingenuous and contrived. Stop forcing yourself to like this song because it’s signed to Size or whatever, listen to the song, stop sucking the artists’/lable’s dick.


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