Off the back of a two week streak of inhabiting the #1 spot on Beatport with ‘Like Home‘, Protocol Recordings ups the ante for it’s first non-Nicky Romero release, courtesy of fast-ascending Frenchman Tony Romera.

Never confined to one solitary sound, Romera ditches the grinding Electro that pervaded the majority of his studio output throughout the year, including the Beatport #3 remix of ‘Breaking Up’ alongside Bartosz Brenes, for a minimalistic cut called ‘Pandor’. As premiered on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Radio, the standalone rolling chord play and ‘Koko’-influenced breakdown melodiesthat make up ‘Pandor’ look to extend his club-savvy studio output with a solid contribution to the post-festival season.

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13 Comments to “Release: Tony Romera – Pandor [Protocol]”

  • That sound right before the drop sounds like someone throwing up

  • Thought that too. Other than that, I love it! Heard it first when Hardwell played it on BBC Radio 1

  • Sounds like his Iron remix

  • Is this the left over from his Iron-remix or vise versa?

  • Glömde han sidechain? Tycker droppet låter platt, inget swing alls

  • David: Vid 1:10 så hör du sidechainen ganska tydligt, även om den inte är jättestor.

  • Love that sound before the drop. Makes it way more epic!

  • I wish people would actually be at least a little bit creative.

    The melody isnt his, the sounds are super boring, the only interesting thing is the drop. Whats next?

  • must be the ugliest artwork I’ve seen

  • the first part is a rip off of sander van doorns koko. why dosent it suprise me that nicky likes it

  • The drop was really creative…not.

    I mean come on! It’s a kick and a suttering bass in one single note. It’s ridiculous if you think about all these minimalistic drops.

    And yes, it reminds me of Koko as well.

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