Now scaling the states with his pitch-pervading arsenal of hard-hitting gems, Sidney Samson returns with ‘Torrent’ alongside Spinnin’ Records-endorsed homeland contender Martin Garrix.

In a less bleep-happy manner than that of latest solo release ‘Get Low’, ‘Torrent’ sees Samson match his grinding backdrop and piercing lead play with the melodic guise of Garrix to shine a proud light for festival-friendly dance music done right.

Out on February 19th via Musical Freedom.

9 Comments to “Preview: Sidney Samson ft. Martin Garrix – Torrent”

  • huge!!

  • This was absolutely smashed by Tiesto at Stereosonic 2012 Melbourne.

  • usually i don’t like dutch song but martin garrix’s touch make this song incredible

  • INSANE! can’t wait

  • 70% Martin Garrix, 30% Sidney Samson :P

    Love it!

  • Stone Island :P

  • I wish they would have done something ”dutch-y” or ”electro-y” in the drop. The melody is grate, but it gets boring kind of fast when it’s the same melody throughout the song. The same problem that ”Kontiki” has.

    But still, Sidney Samson is one of my all time favorite music producer and this is a bloody huge track!

  • Hardwell be@ tv !!!

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