Having already crammed remix duties for Cicada’s ‘Over & Over’ for the final hurdle of 2012, Aussie duo Denzal Park return to Cr2 Records to follow-up the Swedish House Mafia approved ‘Nammos’. Off the back of its regrettably underrated predecessor, ‘Scorpio’ fuses a firm wave of melodic progressions into an overall beefier sound scope of wobbling leads and stubborn Electro beats. Without completely removing the melodic substance that has given them such momentum over the past year, this adrenaline-fuelled track shows the dexterous duo in a positive light for their climatic sweep into the New Year.

Out December 14th.

4 Comments to “Preview: Denzal Park – Scorpio”

  • Love it!

  • wtf it sounded good before the drop…

  • Follow up? It’s a shame to even see these two tunes mentioned in the same text. Nammos is way better and still a sick tune, this is just too generic and should rather be mentioned as a follow up to the rest of their latest generic crap. It’s listen and forget. No one will remember this tune next year, unline Nammos which will, atleast in my library, still be hot for years to come.

  • the denzal park guys should get more publicity, i mean nammos and amarok are original tracks that blew my mind!

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