Fresh off their latest single ‘Pieces Of Light’, Stockholm’s Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman return to preview their final release for 2012 in a high-profile remix of homeland pop outfit Miike Snow’s ‘Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)’.

For the final official remix to emerge from their renowned ‘Happy To You’ album, the duo deploy their default blend of uplifting synth work and peak time beats over the immediately identifiable top line of the original. With atmospheric keys and snare lines weaving the route to their peak time climax, the Swede pair see out a quality landmark in their recording careers that is sure to earn them some considerable brownie points for the year ahead.

Out on December 17th.

Words by Dan Carter

16 Comments to “Preview: Miike Snow – Bavarian #1 (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix)”

  • @ Thomas Rocky – Gtfo.

    Okay remix, but I don’t like it as much as Thomas Gold’s and Deniz Koyu’s remixes of Miike Snow.

  • I don’t know. Nothing special, really. Or am I missing something?

  • I was pretty damn excited from the very first second of this preview. This could have been so much better than the crap it turned out to be. We are a month from 2013 and this sound is still getting produced. I’m getting really tired! Sigh.

  • I think it’s fairly good, neither lousy nor stunning. Not their best remix, however..

  • Awsome track!

  • hmm, Silvia remix by Seb Ingrosso and Dirty South still remains the #1 Miike Snow remix

  • Beautiful remix this band Miike Snow have alot of good remixes

  • Magic!!! Good work DV&W!!!

  • There’s never anything special about Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman. I just think Beatmyday has a good relationship with them or something. I’ve given every track of theirs a chance, and I never find myself going back to them. These guys need to do something that makes them special in the oversaturated industry of progressive house. There is indeed a creativity crisis.

  • I think, the best remix of Miike Snow is devil’s work by dirty south i just think that

  • damn , a good remix but the voice of the singer in Miike snow is seriously made for house, perfection every time!

  • the production, especially in the breaks are fuckin outstanding. Alot of work and tweaking. Although it lacks some elements in the drop and most important, energy. And yes they need to be more creative and find something new and unique. but good work

  • have to agree with Vanhooft.
    There are some elements of the remix that really stand out for their greatness, like the intro and breakdown, but there are others, like the drop, which kinda lack in creativity and originality.

  • I think it’s an succesful progressive track cause all u need in a progressive track is in that track just like the other succesful remixes as Thomas gold & dirty south It contains all the elements of a progressive track great vocals , euphoric drop excellent track for me & doesn’t differ from the other miike snow’s remixes it’s on the same standards !

  • Some great vibes in the break but overall it’s nothing special really. This style is so worn out.

  • you guys really need to see these tracks for more than the producers names. had this been Alesso remix or even SHM remix you’d all be pissing your skinny jeans. Speaking for everybody (yes) this IS a good track. It’s well produced and has a lot of energy. Which is the optimal ingredience for a good progressive house track. These two have gotten a lot of hate here on Hatemyday, but deserve nothing but good feedback.

    People have to learn to stop focusing on the name of the producers and listen to the track. Try again. Repeat and switch off you screen or just cmd+2 and resume your youporn-session. This is quality. It’s not gonna save the world december 21st, but come on – are we really THAT picky?

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