Digressing from the grinding properties that have come to define his original releases in 2012, Belgian producer Jef Martens, professionally known as Basto, returns to Spinnin’ Records for the release of his third and final original track of the year.

Dealing in luscious melodic progressions and blistering, stand-alone chord play, ‘StormChaser’ sees Martens plunge deep into the more minimalistic realms of dance music. Somewhat reminiscent of his 2010 release ‘SpaceCake’, ‘StormChaser’ caps off a successful year for the highly-supported Belgian with festival-esque substance.

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4 Comments to “Release: Basto – StormChaser”

  • was just gonna say that it sounded a bit like spacecake. still prefer spacecake though.

  • Basto, isnt that the guy thats known for ripping of avicii?

  • @Dude Lol yes, but Spinnin is cheesy as fuck so they don’t care.

  • Gaah I kind of hate this guy… Everything he does feels so plastic, not to mention his Avicii-rip offs…

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