Having already blazed the trail of European House music and the global festival circuit alike for 2012, renowned Refune protégé Alesso drops the long awaited follow-up to ‘Years’ entitled ‘Clash’ on December 10th. While his legacy may have been forged around a strong melodic disposition for 2012, ‘Clash’ sees the young Swede return to the more aggressively charged energy of his earlier work. Decked in high end lead work and grinding chords throughout, Alesso’s signs-off his most prolific year to date with a sure signal of the quality ahead for this ever promising asset to the Swedish Dance movement.

Out December 10th.

Words by Dan Carter

44 Comments to “Preview: Alesso – Clash [Refune]”

  • FINALLY!!!!

  • Me Gusta

  • Yesssss! And the next one better be Collioure.

  • Sweet Jesus that felt like a decade

  • Didn’t he play this track on milton keynes bowl when he played before Swedish house mafia? or am i wrong?

  • @Patrick yeah he did.. I heard this song at the beginning of summer 2012, took a long time lol AWESOME song tho, cant wait for the release!!!

  • @Bobby he played this in the beginning of this year like February! And I heard it at coachella too! So stoked

  • sweet artwork

  • Really phat track, but im not sure of the mix of the kick in this one..The kick feels to loud in comparison with the rest imo, thats the only prob :P

  • So he forced a change because of romero’s backstab track? Not really following this guy but I did fancy clash from that BBC Essential mix. Can’t stand this though. Nothing but noise.

  • Yeah, I agree, we are waiting for that for ages, but that’s how it’s done properly: preview on thursday, release on monday! And not like Spinnin, previews two months in advance!!! Great work, Refune!

  • lol i had the full track for over a month now.
    nothing special here :)
    have fun waiting for release lol

  • Hey Shawn too bad its not the final version, and the quality ain’t 320 kbps! you can enjoy that lesser quality cut with the poorly engineered intro and outro all you want.

  • oh shit it’s Alesso lol

  • Maybe im wrong about the kick after some listening, it will probably stack up with more melos over it and guess it will sound fine ;P

  • sucks we are so familar with this melody, nicky romero -iron. it would have been huge if it wasnt for that copycat

  • i’m so happy right now!

  • I’ve somehow had a mostly finished/mastered 320 of Clash kicking around my iTunes since like July or August.. not exactly sure where that originated from.

  • Hahahahaha Release on Monday??? Refune???? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Monday there will be Issues as always and the Release will be 01/2013!!

  • Luke Steer: Highly doubt that as the track wasn’t even finished in August..

  • Alesso hates Nicky Romero. lol.

  • @Anton

    has alesso made a track called Collioure?????

  • The bass sound really weird in this version of clash..Also, it doesn’t sound as explosive I’m not sure why.

  • Please @Alesso … Rls ”Collioure” ! :)

  • I think i heard this song already so much, not really intrested in it anymore so won’t be buying it but good track ;;)

  • Alesso does it once again! Awesome!!!

  • Iron

  • I have to say this waiting for tracks that long is getting on my nerves a bit.
    By all means, if you finish it, try it but then why not release it within a reasonable amount of time?

    Or do it like Prydz if you want to but if there is 1000x rips and remakes by the time it gets released it kinda takes away the excitement.

    So its a new Alesso release, but we have all heard it a million times. I downloaded a remake of Collioure and I am sure that by the time it gets an actual release I will not be quite that interested in it anymore. Even if its the original and has a better quality.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqXovY69Qic just check this out . .. it was played 6th of january and its not even confirmed to be Alesso’s track . . .when we can expect release if ”Clash” is going to be released at the end of this year . . .probably end of 2013 . . .refune jerks. . .

  • Fettan: Not that I am aware of. The track is often referred to as the ”Collioure ID” because the track got one of its very first plays in Collioure, France

  • @Le, I agree with you

    Certainly, a producer should be able to tease the listeners a bit by delaying the release. BUT not if you played the song in decent quality on for example BBC Radio 1 almost A YEAR before the actual release, see below


    The quality of the song in this clip is enough if you want to listen to it yourself while youre at home, however, I had never played it on like a pre-party with friends..

    If I were Alesso I had played the song out on clubs and festivals but assured myself that the set is not recorded and I had definitely not played it on the radio unless I knew I was going to release it in, say, one week.. Just some thoughts

  • @secret, I hope you realise this was made way before Iron and Nicky Romero shamelessly ripped it off like he has become known for.

  • Damn he changed the frist drop at 0:15, it sounded more explosive on the youtube rip…

  • nicky romero ripped off of open your heart when he made camorra iron is a rip off of this

  • It’s great, but take a look at this remake:


    ,made only by listening to the bad rip that came out this spring. I think it’s brillian! And almost even better than the original!

  • so f*cking good, nice to see alesso doing some other styles.

  • ”housecat.se: I think it’s brillian! And almost even better than the original!”

    Not sure if trolling or serious, that sounded shit to be honest.

  • Dont get me wrong now, I freaking love this song to death. But it’s repetitive as f**k which I hate. Still, it’s a track I’ve waited for a long time to.

  • Heard this one at Tomorrowland ‘12 Avicii set!

  • @Anton, I can send you a screenshot of the iTunes entry date and the file as well if you like, haha. It’s unmastered, but legit. Definitely coulda been finished in August, didn’t he spin it during Feb/March for his Essential Mix?

  • Luke Steer: Please do. He said recently that he was just about to finish it so doubt it. If I recall correctly, a decent reproduction has been around since about August.

  • @Anton

    Let me know where I can reach you, and I’ll send an email your way.

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