Dutch House protagonist Afrojack returns to officially unveil one of 2013’s official anthems for Ultra Music Festival. Formerly known to fans as ‘Petsbud’, Afrojack’s guest mix for Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1 saw him confirm the name of this eagerly-awaited set-staple as ‘Air Guitar’.

Launching from familiar melodic builds into blistering and grind-heavy drops, ‘Air Guitar’ shows Afrojack in a less bleep-happy manner than that of latest single release ‘Annie’s Theme’ with surging chords and high-octane beat work throughout.

Update (4/3): Out March 12th as one of the official anthems for Ultra Music Festival 2013.

23 Comments to “Preview: Afrojack – Air Guitar”

  • afrojack – ni massive modern talking

  • finally!!

  • thats actually really good !

  • He has so many IDs and they are all so dfiferent! Love that he keeps changing and returning to a little bit different styles

  • The melodic build is really good, but the drop, meh, same modern talking shit.

  • ya not such a big fan of modern talking in general

  • Are you kidding me? This is so fkn bad.

  • That was the second track, besides Annie’s Theme, he was killing all over the summer, but wasn’t he playin it with Internet Friends? But great track, will definitely buy it! xD

  • Massive..just my kind of silence :D

  • Afrojack- petsbud is the whole track!!!

  • I think Afrojack can do better

  • Romero Style…

  • Selecting the Modern Talking oscillator on massive isn’t exactly a ’style’…

  • Hahaha i dont know if i should laugh or cry

  • I’m sick of this songs . . .when he/they are going to stop with this . . .we need restart button guys,and then all over again !!!

  • again, as always with afrojack, the drop has nothing to do with the build up. just a lot of annoying bleeps again. glad some producers over here in the netherlands grew over that.

  • Fucking terrible

  • The hell is this?

  • Hahaha wtf?! Any DJ that drops this in the club has to be going through some serious shit at home…

  • Sounds like all other ”Dutch” shit today. But seems like people still enjoy the dutch ”dirty electro” stuff. Thank god there are other styles of electro with feeling and soul <3


  • really good song i love the second drop when you hear this live is killer

  • Massive, modern talking and dBlue Glitch for random effects.. too simple

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