By far one of the most impressive producers to emerge from France over the past several years, Electro connoisseur Kavinsky remains an unstoppable beacon of hope amid the crowded industry heyday. Fresh off the unveiling of ‘Odd Look’ as part of a new BMW commercial, the forward-thinking Parisian comes out with the first track from his upcoming motion picture soundtrack, ‘Outrun’. Amid the familiar heavyset edge and strong melodic ornamentation, ‘Protovision’ sees Kavinsky embrace his downtempo mindset yet again for a sophisticated and refreshing sweep of thoroughbred Electronica.

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11 Comments to “Release: Kavinsky – Protovision”

  • <3

  • Damn son where’d you find this!

  • Ed Banger Crew, I love yooouuuu

  • fantastic track!!

  • Yes!! God Damn i’ve waited for kavinsky to make something new, i love this guys music

  • Det var på tiden att han släppte någonting nytt. :)

  • underrated release !
    epic track…
    you really have to hear it at least twice… oh mon dieu…

  • This is epic. Never heard of the guy before.

  • kavinsky = legend!

    yet, not part of Ed Banger.

  • sceptic: I’ll always see him as a Ed Banger-dude though (even though I know he isn’t really part of it), just because he plays shows/hangs out/get remixed by them all the time :D

  • [...] to emerge from Kavinsky’s upcoming debut album. Swapping the downtempo stylings of ‘Protovision‘ for his own, forward-thinking take on Dance music, this tough yet softly ornamented remix [...]

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