Parisian big room master Arno Cost makes his Size Records debut with new original track ‘Head Up’. First premiered by label head honcho Steve Angello at Escape From Wonderland in late October, ‘Head Up’ will see Cost ring in the New Year with festival-friendly stamina.

Leading with a darker sound scope than what we have come to associate with his studio output over the years, Cost goes in the same vein as latest single ‘Lifetime‘ to create a heavy-hitting display of minimalistic drops and melodic breakdown segments.

Update (10/1): The release has been pushed back a week to January 21st via Size Records/Serial Records.

27 Comments to “Live Preview: Arno Cost – Head Up [Size]”


  • What happened to Arno Cost? He used to have such a nice progressive melodic sound, but it’s all electro these days, I see…

  • right…..i hate this electro wave. where is that mega progressive sound from 08,09,10? f*ck

  • Hated his track Lifetime but i actually like this

  • I’m the one holding the Swedish Flag! Such an intense track!

  • Sounds a bit like Tung!? …

  • Whaaat? Tought this was Nari & Milanis new Size track!
    Doesnt sound like Arno, but it is amazing

  • Amazing!

  • i ripped it from the set in a rather good quality from his set in beta nightclub. i hope you guys enjoy it :)

  • Which label is Serial?

  • fuck genres, this sounds promising!

  • Oh Arno Please….

    Still a good track but please come back to this..

  • Vitctor
    Serial is a French Label that released back in the in the day Master Pieces from Arno Cost like Magenta, Souvenir, Darling Harbour or Cyan.

  • it comes hard!

  • arno what happended to this man :(

  • i think a producer should be able to make various kinds of electronic tracks, why not try something new? This one sounds massive, for a festival or club, or big speakers! Works so good

  • Magenta, an immortal classic. Still sounding fresh after 5 years!

  • Diego, thanks for the info!
    Cool that that old label is still involved in his new work! This break is lovely, think the drop is good a well!
    I agree with Essentialmix, exploration is good, as it is the artists passion!

  • Holy shit that synth comes in heavyyy in the beginning.
    Sounds Promising :)

  • MOSTER of a track, acidy bass. This sounds heavy, looking forward to hearing this live.

  • Same old crapy so called progressive house

  • Another great track produced by Mr Cost! Different than his old style, which is still good!
    Fits Size Records perfectly!

  • I like this sound Arno Cost its a great producer, it is a good track i love and prefer electro wave.

  • Please Arno, come back ! Don’t go on this way …

  • He said that after Lifetime he will release some Progressive House stuff like his previous releases. Although this is an OK track, I believe that we all agree on the fact that his previous releases (e.g Lise), I mean that kind of style, is a lot better and he kinda fits better there. But it’s OK for a producer to experiment.



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