In an age where the pop/club crossover sparks more rigorous online debate than record sales, the chart topping Dutchman best known as Afrojack returns to high-end remix duties for an official take of Keane.

Turning his head for the synth-laden terrains of Dance music, Nick van de Wall’s re-interpretation of ‘Sovereign Light Cafe’ sees him go in a similar vein as Alesso’s ‘Silenced By The Night‘. Pitting Keane’s angelic top line against blissful leads and the high-octane Afrojack drops, the Wall label head avoids offence as much as one could’ve hoped for with this euphoric pop-to-club crossover.

Out December 24th.

9 Comments to “Preview: Keane – Sovereign Light Cafe (Afrojack Remix)”

  • awful this sounds so bad, keanes voice is beutiful but this lead synths -.-

  • catchy

  • The bass is horrible afrojack ruined himself :(

  • please stop this, afrojack !!

  • Money making music!

  • Have to agree. The song isnt bad itself but the sounds are just awful. Too bigh, too bright sounding, something a little deeper would have been amazing, This is quite a let down–

  • Like it! Will go hard on big speakers!

  • Cheeeeeeesey ?

  • oh yeah , PERFECT sound by Afrojack :)

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