With ‘Clash‘ sitting comfortably at #2 in Beatport’s overall top 100 chart, Alesso returns to Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records to take on official remix duties for Arty’s debut on the label, ‘When I See You’.

Carrying the strong Progressive hallmarks and deep melodic undertones that Alesso become a beacon to, his take on ‘When I See You’ maintains the blissful vibe of the original version, adding that signature breakdown echo for what appears to be more of an edit rather than an actual remix. Rounding out 2012 with the same uplifting approach as last year’s remix of ‘Titanium’, Alesso adds yet another melodic remix to his artillery en route to 2013.

Out December 21st.

38 Comments to “Preview: Arty – When I See You (Alesso Remix)”

  • Where is the bass???

  • This seems more like an edit to me, it’s not really a remix.

    Nonetheless, it’s lacking the bass. What happened there??

  • So basically, Alesso did the same thing here as Axwell did with “In My Mind”? Sounds like the original.

  • This sounds like Alesso took the cut from the original Refune Radio Premiere and added the an effect from “Calling” while simultaneously removing all the bass. Lame edit.

  • It probably is cuted at the low end on the preview.. sometimes record labels does that.

  • Boring remix

  • soo bad

  • Creatvity = 0

  • Hahhaha this is sooo bad

  • I don’t understand the point of this “remix/edit”.

  • I usually like mr.alesso tracks but this.. well this is something awful…

  • I really love Alesso but this not only sucks.. it isn’t even a “remix” … disappointed :(
    Arty’s track is powerfull :)

  • nothing special bad remix

  • Cant understand why he even release this awful track… He had his peak , now its over.

  • wow this is bad… exact the same buildup like the original… and over all the original sounds much better and powerfull.

  • Brukar inte hata men den här va riktigt jävla värdelös

  • @Gustav exakt

  • Wow that’s really not good.

    I don’t expected that quality from Alesso.

  • If this is so bad why don’t any of you make something better? Oh wait…

  • Will the original also be released on the 21st?

  • sounds just like the original. the only difference is the arpegiated melody before the drop there.

  • Yeah just noticed it’s an Alesso Mix not Remix

  • But why do a mix if it sounds the same as the original, is it just so they can sell two songs = more money?

  • Yeah guys, you can read Alesso MIX, not alesso remix. Theres a difference
    Anyway Great track

    I think that refune is making a low cut in some of the previews / youtube tracks, Axtone too.
    And the soundcloud has not the Great quality, wait to hear the the full quality track

  • EssentialMix: The press release describes it as ‘remix’ as well.

  • canuck: Yes.

  • I havent heard the original version but I think this sounds good. Seems to lack some bass but other than that its great.

  • The Alesso Mix and The Original are both different, both are beautiful and great, tracks like these dont really need bass if you follow, I heard this mix drop live at all mixed up with “Silenced By the Night’ Acapella and that moment was the highlight of the show for me. Amazing stuff when it was dropped.

    If your looking for ‘Bass’ go look for something else.
    This sounds great the way it is.

  • i prefer this one than the Original Mix, this arrengement is really beautiful, and Alesso never disapoints. although i think this is not necessary stop doing mixes of original mixes..

    p.s: also stop remixing good tracks, they are not remixable

  • I think that the original doesn’t have a good base as well, so it’s more an edit. I would prefer the original… so let’s move on to Clash again xD

  • This shouldn’t be a mix or remix or edit, it should be a label edit. Most label requires some rework on tracks when signing them (even axtone), but they don’t put their name on it.

  • This shouldn’t be a mix or remix or edit, it should be a label edit. Most label requires some rework on tracks when signing them (even axtone), but they don’t put their name on it.

  • it’s not bad just because he didn’t change much.
    better than the original in my opinion
    the beginning of the preview is just great

  • Did he put a lowcut at 1000Hz and forgot to bypass it? sounds like it haha, also, really bad edit, jeez. original is way better, nothing creative here at all, nor new.

  • @Liam So criticism isn’t allowed unless you’re able to make something equally good? This is just bad.

  • Guys, stop hating on Alesso, its not his fault. If somebody is to blame for this “bad” Mix (not a remix), it’s Sebatian Ingrosso, or some other bigshot at Refune. Because they came to Alesso and said something like “dude, change like one little thing on this song so it stays the same as the original, but just so we can put you name on it. Bacause wih your name, it will get much higher on Beatport and we will make more money”. It’s the same like Axwell did with In My Mind, Alesso name is there just for the popularity, but this mix is almost the same as the original.

    That said, I like the Arty original, I like the Alesso mix

  • They probably released with alesso name on it because arty original mix got leaked and people were downloading it

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