Back in true Syn Cole fashion, Estonian producer Rene Pais unveils a brand-new original track called ‘Miami 82′, as recently debuted in episode 9 of Avicii’s Levels podcast.

Emphasizing his diverse hold on melodic play alongside the usual suspenseful rises of a Syn Cole-branded production, ‘Miami 82′ showcases a distinctive mix of sharp keys and anthemic synth work. Packed with the experimental melodic patterns that have characterised his outside-of-the-box approach to modern club gems, ‘Miami 82′ marks a continuation of the peak-time energy and well-crafted club cuts we have come to associate with Estonia’s undisputed leader of the new school.

8 Comments to “Preview: Syn Cole – Miami 82”

  • Great track!

  • Wow, I really like this! You gotta give it to Ash for pushing his new talents to a perfect limit.

  • wow really cool track !

  • Anyone who can tell me a bit more about Syn-Cole… Can’t find anything on him!

  • Ivan Wiktorin Gahnfelt: Estonian producer named Rene Pais. Before Syn Cole, he used the alias Clashback, under which he released tracks on Armada and Diffused, most notably his remix of ‘Why Do I Care’ and the ‘Outset’ EP.

  • Riktigt najs! När släpps denna? Finns det något preliminärt datum?

  • Huge tune! Any idea of the release date??

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