As the trend of triple-threat collaborations continues to engulf Dance music, Dutch producers Yves V, Loopers and Jacob Van Hage unite for a new release on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House imprint.

Brushed with a distinct set of grinding chord progressions, ‘Amok’ sees the Dutch trio employ sharp synth work and aggressively charged, dotted Electro House. While it’s apex may fall on the militant approach and melodic manipulation, Yves V, Loopers and Jacob Van Hage ditch the tedium for a whacky yet persuasive release that is sure to earn them a few stripes for the New Year.

Out today on Beatport.

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  • leave the musical qualitiy beside (i think its soso nothing too fancy)

    i think it is a HUUUUUUUGGEEE offense and lack of any kind of humanity and or respect to release a song called ”amok” in the aftermath of one of the most terrible shootings in younger american history.

    shame on all people involved in this release.

    shame on you.

  • lovely production

  • It’s a just a song and it does nothing but sound. nothing is harmfoul anymore, i take you comment offensive against the people who made this music..shame on you!

  • the song could have been ”get crazy” or anything else and like you say the sound does nothing but sound I say nothing against that. But by calling it ”Amok” it to me seems that they think Amok is something cool or epic and not something devastatingly brutal and absolutly degusting..

    i get your point but please try to understand my position also.

    a little sensitivity from the sides of the managers etc would have been greatly appreciated.

    if you already decide to call your track ”amok” for idontknowwhat reasons, then please have the decency and dont release it 3 days after 20 kids were shot dead with an assault rifle..

  • you’ve got to realize this was named way before the shooting took place…

  • i know that. my main problem is not they named it that way but the release date.

    i think three day would have been more than enough time to postpone this release like it has been done several times..

    and even without the shooting i think its a horrible name.

  • I understand what joshua is saying, it’s truly offensive to release a track with this title right now. But it should be noted that labels plan and submit their releases far in advance and there’s no way anyone could’ve foreseen friday’s events. So i don’t know how they’d change the name or release date, even though it comes off as extremely insensitive.

  • Its just a name people, try being a little bit less sensitive.

    The world won’t stop, it never has and never will, probably won’t even have a big impact on the legislation in the states. But yeah, go change the name of a song or postpone it. Don’t you guys have bigger stuff to worry about?

  • to joshua, if you go in to a store on the local market, and see this album and thinkin…they have to change the name of the song cuz of the some incedent then u have a narrow views as consumer and citizens and you put hate in artist that only try to make a living of something they love to do. they cant predict whats going to happend And Really, its like instead supporting musician u like, u go the oposite way put hate on thow musicants and complains about something that dosent mean anything, it just makes them distracted from your stupid comment. If you want to make a change….support stuff like ” eliminate gun ownership”. that will reduce numbers of incident much more than change evry name that could misread as something insulting.

    i do not want to pick on you, i im sorry about thow who arent alive but to insult the artist for being not sensetive is harsh. And i think we both agree that they name for the song is matching with whole track so thats most likely why they picked that name, you just said that ”get grazy” could be a title for the trackname… it could be insulting to. leave the name picking to the artist, or do you want a state that artist have to go throu to confirm each time…less freedom and in the end we will be the one who will get the rebound. My point is to make others open their eyes and do something that can make a little change. And if you laugh about my comment than laugh harder cus i aint going to make another statement.


  • Joshua. honestly, you sound like a frustrated teenager. Which isn’t strange cause most of the commenters on this blog sound like one. It’s a shame though, cause it’s a really good blog. A inside blog. Which means that a lot of DJ/producers are on here. DJ/Producers that all dream to be written about on this blog one day.

    The main problem in my opinion is that people can reply anonymously. Like youtube. You can say whatever you want and hide behind your screenname. Critism is okay, but all i read is hating. It looks like you guys are purpously looking for the tiniest flaws and hate the living crap out of it. And why? because you are jealous. Jealous of what others are achieving and you aren’t. You won’t see an random music lover hate on something because he doesn’t like it as much as others. He leaves that to others to deside for themselves.

    Now take a good fucking look at yourself and spend some time on getting better in something instead of hating.

  • Joshua I think you taking offense is a little over the top. Amok has absolutely nothing to do with the fact 20 kids were murdered in cold blood. Unfortunately by you correlating them all you do is bring attention and throw fuel to a fire with no ignition. Get off your horse and stick your head in the sand. Take your attention off badmouthing a DJ and his team with no case. People like you inventing this bs is really the fountainhead of the problem. So kick bad, respect those who lost thirty lives and just enjoy the music. It’s one of the last universal things we have left. Music and math, possibly love but clearly you’re not a proponent for that. Kick rocks.

  • dave: he just pointed out he thought the title was inappropriate. that’s not hate, dude.

  • @dave, eddy & ds

    i didnt want to hate. all I wanted to stated is that i really think the title is inappropriate. i probably even would have said that without the newtown drama, because amok is in general something terrible and i think it sends the wrong signals if the producer makes a track with the name ”amok” because like i said it is something awful and disgusting and should i no way receive any kind of positive connotation through a song.

    further i am not a frustrated teenager. in fact it is the first time i have ever posted a comment on beatmyday. and maybe you’re right and my first comment was a little bit over the top . But all i wanted to state is that i am offended by the naming of this song and in no way i wanted to hate on the skills of the djs and/or producers which in fact did a good job on this song, just the title put it in a very bad light for me..

  • joshua.. STFU. ur not saving the world by crying on BEATMYDAY, get out of the box plz

  • Back to the music : I find it a terrible song., sorry. Boring, not at all harmonic, not a single note inspiring no ,engergetic at all sorry, I ‘ll pass this one.

  • JK, You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. ”Not at all harmonic” Do you even know what harmonic is? ”Not a single note inspiring” Really? Do you hear yourself? Please explain what makes notes ”inspiring”.

    I hope you learned something today. douche.

  • Dave thanks for giving me chance to elaborate
    I hope you got the the underlying feeling that to me this song is bad.
    You, or anyone one else, can find it a masterpiece, everybody taste is different, for me absolutly not.
    what I mean with not harmonic (it might not be the propper english word for it.. harmonious is better perhap ) : it aint flowing,,doesn’t mathc imo, they just dont connect .
    Try: Acid dreams (holy cow what a song to me), sportfire , on stage or Convoi , acid dreams!
    Inspiring : to me it brings absolutly nothing new. Nada, just more of the same. Part flavor of the month me chainsaw base “the flavor of the month”, a dime a dozen song. clones as it were.
    Inspiring notes bring me in a specific state, makes me want to dance. laugh, party, enjoy. This song does nothing to me, .
    Hope it explains is better then the first time

  • Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, life’s a cinch.

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