Artem Stolyarov, better known to the world as Arty, has taken substantial pride in assuming the role of his country’s more creative young blood. But in the wake of his latest release for Armada, ‘Must Be The Love,’ his Refune Records debut ‘When I See You’ sees label regular Alesso hot off the release of ‘Clash‘ with his own, slightly edited version.

Carrying the strong Progressive hallmarks and deep melodic undertones that both Alesso and Arty have become beacons to, ‘When I See You’ beckons that exact stadium-esque magic that the industry has continued to appraise them for. In a heart warming romp of gracefully orchestrated synth work, ‘When I See You’ comes at the tail end of a year that has had their names written all over it.

Out today on Beatport.

19 Comments to “Release: Arty – When I See You (Alesso Mix)”

  • love it!

  • Spotify???

  • where is original mix? pls respond

  • definitely feel that artys track deserves a release. Seems wrong for Refune to buy it and then get one of there own to slightly edit it. Its okay when Axwell does it on no-name producers track like Michael Calfan and Feenixpawl, but Arty is far too big a name

  • har han bytt loop och lagt till en arp? är det det enda?

  • Simon: It’s Beatport exclusive for two weeks.

    don: The Alesso mix is the only version getting released.

    Theman: I doubt they bought the track..

  • Anton: Sorry I was always under the impression record labels bought some stake in the track or something, i guess they just sign them. Don’t know how I made it this far in life without knowing that :(

  • @ anton: so whats happening with the original? will it come out on another label or on refune at another date?

  • beautiful mix. the original is great but Alesso gives the track more energy. love it. great by both arty and alesso!

  • great release! lovely track! awesome mix!


  • ryan: We’ve been told that the Alesso mix is the only version getting released. We’ll let you know if a release of the original is happening.

  • The Original was leaked, now they had to find a Way Balance it

  • The original was much better, didn’t need to be touched by anyone at all. atleast the original is leaked :P

  • Only the alesso mix released ! Epic : D

    Fucking disappointed.

  • @ Vic

    The original ‘final’ version was never leaked, listen to the break in the preview that Arty posted in the beginning of November and compare. Also listen to the version Seb played in refune radio, it might be a later / earlier version than the one leaked, but neither was the final one, thats for sure.

  • Does anybody konw if the Original will ever be released?

  • I don’t bitch like this often but the original is so much better, can’t believe they would only release the original. Shocked and disappointed

  • Kind of wierd that this is the only version getting released.

    What’s more, I really don’t understand how Arty could agree to such a thing. God knows I’d want my own mix released instead of some protegé’s half-assed mix.

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