In the official music video to Albin Myers’ ‘The Beast,’ three vandalizing youngsters in disguise get a reality check courtesy of an encounter with a large-mouthed creature known as ‘the beast.’ Written and produced by Myers himself, the video, which is shot exclusively in black and white, mixes raw video footage and a somewhat bizarre storyline, making for an artistic and well-fitting visual accompaniment to the aggressive character of the track. Watch the video and behind the scenes footage from the shoot below.

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5 Comments to “Official Video: Albin Myers – The Beast”

  • This video is phat, I really like the concept of it. What about the second drop at 3:40? Is it a remix or does it belong to the original track of The Beast? However it’s fucking NUTS!

  • Vinnie. You can get the second mix of the track for free on this soundcloud account:

  • Albin is such a great guy!…He is so humble when you meet him, I met him after one of his gigs and he was very friendly even though he was supertired at the time..Really get inspired by him :)

    Phat track as well cant be denied :)

  • nice video!

  • @albin Thank you!

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