Merely a year after joining Steve Angello’s acclaimed Size Records roster, Stockholm duo Wayne & Woods show generous Christmas spirit with a free release of their debut single, ‘Pyramid.’ Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the cacophonous melodic play and churning, rhythmic drops suggest that Wayne & Woods would struggle to find a more promising start to their collective career than this minimalistic festival cut. With a collaboration alongside Angello himself and a slew of originals on the cards for 2013, ‘Pyramid’ is available now for the small price of an e-mail submission.


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  • very nari & milani-ish but good all the same

  • What’s up with all the duo-producers nowadays?

  • haha because two shitty producers craps out stuff twice as fast!

  • Seriously, Wayne & Woods are two really overrated shit producers, why the hell are they even signed on SIZE? they suck so hard it’s unbeliavable.

    This scene is really turning into pure shit if it’s going to continue like this, especially when producers like this gets cred and ”big gigs” from people like Steve Angello. A shame really.

  • Is this the same trance duo, W&W?

  • @Noik, no, W&W are different, they’re actually talented

  • Something tells me ”A” didn’t watch their ustream when they played all of their new tracks. Most of it sounded really good actually.

  • Sorry, ignore my link.

  • Why is all my comments removed?
    Are you guys behind Beatmyday payed by SIZE?

  • Abdulla & Mohammed: CommentS? I removed the comment with the illegal download link.

    No, we have never, nor will we ever accept any money in exchange for a post.

  • ITS FUKIN AWESOME, great egyptian vibe, grattis!

  • To be fair Wayne & Woods are two great producers.. They’re still Young though and have alot left to learn. Steve Angello would not sign them if he did not think they have something special. As he says himself; Wayne & Woods are Size’s secret weapon

  • The fact that they even used that riser sample from vengeance is just unbelieveable, haha. It’’s just way overrused, and very Nari & Milani like! But otherwise an OK track imo.

  • Haha synd att det är så mycket hat och så lite kärlek på denna blogg. Grabbarna har gjort ett sjukt bra jobb och dem förtjänar att vara på SIZE. Var också lite fundersam om dem från början men efter denna låt så hajjar man varför Steve signat dem. Sjukt bra jobbat WW! Ser fram emot nästa släpp med Steve!

  • Pinsamt dåligt

  • Alla onyanserade sopor, ni har tappat all respekt, helt seriöst

  • I’d like to see everyone bitching getting signed to Size. Steve knows what he’s doing a hell of a lot better than any of you. While it’s not the best track ever, it isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty good, and it’s a lot better than anything you’ll ever put out, ever.

    And ”SA”…honestly…if it fits, why bother caring if it’s a sample or something you crafted by your own? If it fits, it fits. I judge a track by how it sounds overall, not by what samples are used. Just shut the fuck up, bro.

  • hahaha @alex, hello Wayne och Woods själva! Om ni tycker att den här är så jävla bra, då har ni fan inte hört alla andra låtar som låter exakt som atom.

    Plz, dethär e pinsamt dåligt, verkligen pinsamt för att vara ”SIZE”.
    Dom förtjänar inte en sekund att vara där dom är idag. end of story, och ja jag har hört deras grejer i videosarna av size episodes, dem är inte heller imponerande tyvärr.

  • For thos of you saying this is embarrasing for Size is a bit out of hand.. This is a free download, hence the fact that this is not their best work, and is therefor not released by Size.
    As I said before, Wayne & Woods have a lot in store for the future

  • ”Fluff”: I didn’t say it doesnt fit the track, and i never said that its anything wrong with using samples. Every producer in the world does it. Its just that this exact sample has been way overrused and i didn’t really get why they would think of using it too. Im not hating or anything, as i said its and ok track in my opinion that could smash a club.

  • Wow, drops are getting shittier & shittier. Tbh, I didn’t expect anything more from a free track. But their other track, that is been featured in Size Tv episodes, is good. Untill the drop of course. And thank god Steve Angello made an edit so that wonderful build up continued to the drop.

  • Jag tyckte att droppet var ganska fett faktiskt, lite långt breakdown dock men ganska bra ändå, helt klart värd att skaffa är ju t.o.m. gratis

  • I don’t know what to conclude. If this is a great song or purely mediocre…

  • Ni som säger att Wayne & Woods är dåliga och inte förtjänar stora gigs igenom Size har förmodligen inte sett dem live? När jag såg dem hade de cleanaste mixningen mellan de tyngsta bangersna och levererade så sjukt bra. Tar andra plats efter SHM och före Avicii, Nause, Rebecca & Fiona, Adrian Lux och bland andra jag sett live.
    Sök på youtube på Wayne & Woods – ID. Två fetaste jävla låtarna!

  • Den här låten har verkligen fått omotiverat mycket skit. Håller helt med SA, tråkigt med överanvända samples, men låten som helhet är rätt fräsch.

  • Wayne & Woods are ONLY signed to Size because of their relationship with Steve and AN21. My cousin, wayne & woods and AN21 have been friends for a long time, if my cousin would ask for help for promoting his house music, AN21 would easily do it, not because if he is good or a bad producer, the help would be grounded on that but they are friends.

  • Kommer funka fint på Halloween så man kan skrämma på småknoddarna!

  • I think most people are overreacting on how ”poor” this track is. Its following the curve in terms of melody and production level, which I think is the minimum for a big name record label like Size.

    Given that its also a free track, people should stop bitching. They’re just getting their name out there, not trying to knock your socks off with every fucking release.

    Overall, I’m excited to see the future of this duo. If they don’t improve, then I’ll be more worried about the future of Size, given some other material they’ve recently released. Hopefully it isn’t just politics involved and these guys got some raw talent.

  • @Sam det är ju pinsamt så lite vet du. Ingenting av det du nyss sa stämmer

  • Droppet är as fett! Dock är breaksen lite tråkiga, hade kunnat vara mer action där! Kul att få höra något från dessa boys!

  • It’s a solid track from a production point of view. The track itself sucks …

  • FACT: Size IS overrated and a label that always overhype their releases. Steve can’t take criticism (Hence the H8er’s track by Steve Angello). Steve is obviously in the stage of building an legacy with young talents although he’s been to fast with the recent signings. It’s almost feels like an random ”up and coming” producer can just beg to be signed, with commendation that they promise to work hard. I’m not judging Wayne & Woods but this track for me is an big minus, let’s se what their upcoming EP sounds like.

  • The people bitching about this track probobly listened to it on their computer speakers. Put on a pair of sennheisers and you will hear its an ok production, i fucking hate the ”melody” or whatever its supposed to be but the drop is fat, so what if it shares some similarities to atom? atom is a sick track and it curved the way for a big room-tech sound that i fucking love

  • Vad är det inte ni fattar? Ok låten är kanske inte den bästa och det förstår man. VARFÖR skulle man ge ut en mycket bra låt gratis? fullt förståeligt! ta lite saker i consideration!!

  • Vad är det inte ni fattar? Ok låten är kanske inte den bästa och det förstår man. VARFÖR skulle man ge ut en mycket bra låt gratis? fullt förståeligt! ta lite saker i consideration!!

  • Vad är det inte ni fattar? Ok låten är kanske inte den bästa och det förstår man. VARFÖR skulle man ge ut en mycket bra låt gratis? fullt förståeligt! ta lite saker i consideration!!

  • Ser att det svider i mångas ögon för att låten är fet och att det rullar på bra för boysen ;) ! Jantelagen is the shit!


  • Couldn’t have said it better Tyler.
    Oh, and about all you calling the drop ”fat”, well sure, even I can open up FL Studio, put some loud drum kicks and some nonsense sounds and make it ”fat”, and then play it on loud speakers and a sub woofer and ”make in bang”. Nevertheless, it’s just a free track. Given the work they have done with the other track, I really hope to see more stuff from them (but please not on Size, it will take a century for a release).

  • As some people already said, production ok (how could it not be when signed to something like SIZE and them backing u up), track itself crap.

  • These boys are really talented and this is just a sneak preview of what they have to deliver. Take a look at all the youtube videos where steve plays their new track. I promise you, they´ve got more then ten tracks that will hit the top ten on Beatport for the forthcoming years.

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