Italy may have been stereotyped with a fairly particular export of House music, but Maurizio Nari and Ronnie Milani certainly haven’t let this impede on their solid reign of Progressive poignancy. Back on Steve Angello’s Size Records after the success of ‘Atom‘ to raise the bar for the New Year, Nari & Milani unveil it’s very follow-up, entitled ‘Patriots.’

In the same vein as both of their previous releases for the label, ‘Patriots’ showcases that distinct blend of precisely layered synth work and minimalistic, low-end drops that we have come to associate with Nari & Milani. Always leading with quality over quantity, ‘Patriots’ fails to disappoint and is a reassuring indicator that Italy’s sharpest duo is still at large for 2013.

Out in 2013 on Size Records.

An official video upload on Nari & Milani’s YouTube channel, confirming that this is ‘Patriots’:

17 Comments to “Live Preview: Nari & Milani – Patriots [Size]”

  • ”fails to disappoint”? wtf this is pretty much atom 2.0 even with the ”hey”

  • I need some noise cancelling!

  • Huuge!

  • Good track, but what I want to REALLY see getting released on size is ”The Ritual” by DJ DLG or that track from Swiss Official.

  • @Bandis I’ve been waiting for that Swiss Official track for way to long

  • The Sebjak remix of the Swiss Official track leaked 6 months ago.

    Search and you will find.

  • This sounds nothing like Atom. Awesome track!

  • Size really has to get a hold on their management.

  • @Bandis comes from the guy who made this

  • @tjee wow just getting real up in here ha ha

  • I never really liked atom. Too solf. But this one is insane, crazy atmosphere I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • @tjee Umm, and what does that exactly have to do with Size’s management or that I want ”The Ritual” to be released?

  • @Bigbrother
    agreed, never really understood what people loved so much about the track

  • @Bigbrother
    like every track when you gotta hear it live

  • ARP from nexus…

  • [...] Nari & Milani playing their upcoming follow-up to ‘Atom’ called ‘Patriots‘: [...]

  • Nice :) Thanks for support my video from MAGNETIC Festival in Prague, Czech Republic !!!

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