At the tail end of a year that has spelt globetrotting, an Essential Mix debut and an Axtone compilation, Thomas Gold makes his Fly Eye Records debut with his fifth and final single of the year, ‘MIAO’.

A staple in his sets over the past year, ‘MIAO’ combines growling low-end riffage and piercing leads with melodic breakdown segments and scattered vocal chants. Comfortably setting the tone ahead of his upcoming official remix of OneRepublic’s ‘Feel Again‘, Gold adds yet another strong original track to his back catalogue en route to 2013.

Out today on Beatport.

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  • EPIC

  • i like thomas

  • i like turtles….

    but yeah this track kicks ass!!!

  • the knas yell

  • looks like a creep on the pic

  • Thomas Gold is the shit!
    Very nice job as usual.

  • i usually love gold but not really feeling this track

  • Guys – I’m not the biggest fan of this genre of music but I don’t agree with hating on music but I just wanted to ask fans on this very respected website in my eyes a question. I’m a music writer for a website named Underground Source & I am just wondering…… why has the sound of the piano gone out of this genre of house music? (progressive / electro – not sure what it qualifies as now as I refuse to call it ‘EDM’)

    Tracks are Bromance – Avicii & Pjanno – Eric Prdyz – in fact any Eric Prydz/Pryda production .. are absolute gems & are timeless in my eyes. Guys like Axwell & Prydz are the sound I grew up on (I’m only 23 – yes I’m young but passionate about music – Dan Carter of Beat My Day is a big inspiration to my writing).

    There seems to be plenty of young producers Alesso, Madeon, Thomas Gold & Hardwell (not familiar with many of them now) who are talented producers… Wondering if some of you can give me some answers & in-sight.

  • Sorry that should say – tracks like.

  • Good music is always good music. The piano tracks were a hype, doesn’t necessarily means it has gone out. It is still being used alot but only in a different way. Too many bad sequels gets people bored !

  • Great post, properly put together. Thanks. I will likely be back soon to check out for updates. Cheers

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