Following a re-release of the 2011 original, Rob Adans’ ‘Abash‘ returns for round two with a remix from Sebastien Drums and Whelan & Di Scala.

Rife with the same gruffly sound as that of ‘Here I Come,’ the French/UK trio sink an array of vivacious Electro leads into Adans’ dotted horn play in a positive nod to the globe’s enthusiasm for fine, grinding Electro. Building and churning with intrinsic esteem, the second instalment of Drums and Whelan & Di Scala’s collaborative affair is sure to extend the shelf life of this one-year-old track that continues to see heavy support from a certain Swedish trio, refining their own growing appeal in the process.

Out now on Beatport.

2 Comments to “Release: Rob Adans – Abash (Sebastien Drums & Whelan & Di Scala Remix)”

  • sounds like a better version of here i come

  • @ple Exactly what I thought when I heard it. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke I guess

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