Following up on the release of his eclectic debut artist album, DJ DLG starts off the New Year by releasing his official remix duties for London based Ali Love’s ‘Love Harder’ off of Dim Mak Records.

While the London producer’s original can surprisingly still be considered something of an underdog, DJ DLG’s Electronica getup proves a fresh shade of inspiration to the 2010 original. While Love’s soulful vocal stylings play a crucial part in the composition of this ambitious remix, it is the deep low-end riffage, ceaseless melodic surges and tainted high-end progressions that drive home this remix of the forward-thinking proportions that have been all too absent of late.

Out now on iTunes and Amazon.

3 Comments to “Release: Ali Love – Love Harder (DJ DLG ‘Lazor Disco’ Remix)”

  • Wooo yes ! been waiting for this one ! Really cool

  • Wow, this is dirty

  • This is soooooo great. DJ DLG is an amazing producer!

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