Following last year’s original release, Congorock and Stereo Massive’s collaborative single with Sean Paul, ‘Bless Di Nation,’ returns to Ultra Music for round two with a six-piece remix package headlined by Clockwork and Firebeatz.

With little of Sean Paul’s vocals intact aside from the occasional chant, Clockwork takes the lead with a thorough dose of persistent misshapen chord play. In a turn for slightly more familiar terrains of Dance music, Dutch duo Firebeatz mix acid-esque drops and euphoric synths for their overdue return to remix duties.

Out today on Beatport.

8 Comments to “Release: Congorock & Stereo Massive – Bless Di Nation (Remixes)”

  • sounds like someone is farting

  • and not in a good way

  • ”Sean Paul”

    Do I need to say more?

  • Oh, and raps about ”turning up the bass”.

  • i dig the clockwork remix.

  • where is torro torro remix? it beats those 2 remixes

  • Firebeatz for me.

  • Firebeatz… ”Kendo” Style?!

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