Having initially caught the attention of the industry with ‘Magenta’ alongside Arno Cost back in 2006 and following up on last year’s ‘The Days To Come,’ Arias makes his overdue return to the original production front with the first release of his new Olympia Records label.

Teeming with intricate melodic stylings and that instantly recognizable vintage charm, ‘Andromeda’ sees the French beat smith continue down an avenue he has not only grown quite fond of, but also come to master over the past several years. While the fact that Andromeda is the name of the spiral galaxy closest to our Milky Way galaxy may hint at his outside-of-the-box approach to the genre or not we don’t know, but this meticulous display of Arias’ sound suggests that despite it’s meaning, there is an air of maturity in his work that is significantly lacking elsewhere in the industry.

Out soon on Arias’ own Olympia Records.

17 Comments to “Preview: Arias – Andromeda”

  • He Is Back !!!

  • ARIAS # MusicFromSpace

  • Reminds me of PRYDA somehow, just a bit trancier. Nice!

  • what is this i dont even

  • Finally, he’s back :D

    The track will be released the 14th January

  • He’s back! Great song!

  • The God of melody is back! This sounds truly out of space!

  • Arias>Otto Knows

  • This sounds like home….

    @AKN yeah sounds like a Pryda bassline

  • Finally, he’s back! been waiting far too long!

  • Awesome!

  • Proud ti be french. This man is legend

  • I’m in love with this song, I know this is just the intro but holy shit! Takes me to a whole nother’ level!

  • Arias is back !!!

  • Oh my God what a beautiful track!

  • Holy fuck, this is really nice! Great to see Arias back, he was one of my favorites back in 2007/2008. And then he disappeared.

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