Turning his head for the realms of disco-infused House music, Dutch up-and-comer Beauriche takes on official remix duties for American lady group First Choice’s 1979 hit ‘Love Thang.’

Following in the footsteps of numerous instalments on Avanti Records, Beauriche’s coarse brass leads and spirited rhythmic progressions see his latest remix celebrate a rich heritage of House music with a funky 21st century spin.

Out in late January.

5 Comments to “Preview: First Choice – Love Thang (Beauriche Remix)”

  • Amazing work!

  • Another kid coming out of no-where and realeasing a smasher. Absolutely blown away by this!

  • Yeah funky times!

  • Wooow!

  • LOVE IT ! <3!! dancing around PC \o/

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