Never one to rest on his laurels, Holland’s Luke Van Scheppingen, better known as Laidback Luke, is back at the original production front to officially preview his first single of 2013 alongside Majestic titled ‘Pogo.’

Fresh off remix duties for Chuckie and Junxterjack’s ‘Make Some Noise,’ the Mixmash head honcho goes in a similar vein to create a track that extends the common theme of heavyset floor-fillers with sluggish beat work and wailing chord play throughout.

Out February 4th via Mixmash Records.

29 Comments to “Preview: Laidback Luke ft. Majestic – Pogo (Dub Mix)”

  • I like that Laidback Luke is creative and trying new things but this… This is pure shit. Sorry to say it but does anybody like this? For real? Just rusty noise and no music at all.

  • @Bruce Wayne, is it bad if I like the first part of the melody? I don’t like the buildup but from 39 to 60 seconds I actually like it a bit;)

  • I respect Luke so much and I feel bad for saying this but I think he’s lost his way. I mean if I listen to Luke from 2011 or before it’s amazing but these days, the songs are ok but I keep saying to myself Luke can do better and has infact done better in the past …

  • he’s been very hit-or-miss lately but i like to consider this a hit

  • Ha ha thanks for the honesty guys! If you could only hear what I do behind the scenes. I actually finished a very clean sounding melodic progressive type track today. I do it all, and have done so for years. With the amount of years I’ve been producing I’ll always evolve, it’s not a matter of getting worse lol. Pogo is a track that’s primarily for the dance floor. And it rips! You should see it live to believe it.
    The first half of 2013 will be more rough floor tracks from me like the collabs with Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, after that I’ll have more vocally tracks, more in the direction of Timebomb. Don’t worry so much! It’s all about keeping fresh and doing different things for me as I don’t want to be bored or pigeonheld. Again though, thanks for the comments, I do learn from this stuff and will always come back with a vengeance : )

  • Luke is the best, I like that he is always trying new styles after awhile. But this style is not that good to be honest :P

  • This is all in the style of the New Dutch Wave, like Chuckie Make Some Noise and Alvaro Make The Crowd Go. Everyone in the Netherlands is getting on that now. Be ready lol

  • not my favorite tune while im at home. but it wil make me happy when its played live

  • Got to love luke! Most down to earth guy in the industry and always tries new things, big up!

  • I don’t understand why so much negative comments over this track (Haters gonna hate), I think it’s a Cool Track! :D

  • Luke don’t worry about the comments, I think people miss the old stuff, but This Track is Cool ! something different and Fresh! You Always brings Awesome Music! I bet that you got some secret weapons for this Year!

  • Lol relax people, two guys didn’t like it out of 12 comments………..

  • I agree that this isn’t really music on which you can hold your phone and record half the set while tweeting you’re going crazy at an event instead of actually dance. I agree that this isn’t music that will get featured in tv programs and local top radio charts amongst the legendary names of britney spears, PSY and Will I Am. I agree that this isn’t music suitable for Ralph Lauren commercials and such.

    Nah this is more for actually wanting to get everything out of your system and go hard on the dancefloor without any sense of shame or self awareness and have a fantastic night out. But who goes out for that nowadays right?? We want to stand still and record a dj so we can put that clip on youtube, fuck yeah!!

  • I love it when the artists themselves comes on here and comments. Makes me like them alot more.

    Like Luke himself said this is truly a dancefloor bomb and it will work great in festivals as well as clubs with the right vibe.

    With that being said I don’t go to festivals much anymore and I am dead tired of this sound and the ‘quick fix’ house that is all over the scene at the moment. I guess I am one of the few left in this scene who really appriciates a long melodic buildup or DJ’s who really build the energy in their set gradually.

  • It’s all good guys. I like explaining where I’m coming from and I like hearing where you’re coming from. I’ve been learning classical piano for about 15 years now so, although you wouldn’t notice it in my music straight away, I CAN make melodic stuff as well. And I can make a shuffly house beat and loop it too lol. I’ve been producing for 20 years now and I have made even pop stuff (real pop band stuff) and ballads back in 2001. Pogo is just a small momentum. Indeed when suited for when you’re at a festival and just bouncing your ass off. I feel a lot of sections of my set are straight up rave from the beginning of the ’90s. Pogo is a tribute to that too. I’m very open though and please come at me with your comments! Who knows maybe my next track is inspired by what you tell me! : )
    Thanks guys!

  • Like Danny Glover said : I’m getting to old for this shit ;D

  • If this is a ”New Dutch Wave”, I’m totally out of it, really crap.

  • I don’t honestly understand how he has all the time to do this? check his forum, blogs, make music, running a big independent label, touring all the time and tweeting all the time like crazy. I’m suspecting that he isn’t a human

    Most of other big guys have marketing teams behind them, ghost producers, working with studio musicians to come up with melodies and stuff like that.

    respect Laidback Luke!

  • i like it, wont be listening to it at home, but man this would be awesome live!

  • Luke this track is sick, and will definitely play it live and it will go off like crazy! Keep up the amazing work ;)
    Cant wait for all the new tracks coming from you in 2013!

  • big ups to lbl for being interactive with his fans, really appreciate that.

    as far as the song goes, i think its kinda fun. something different and a little repetitive, but i dont think its a bad song. one for the dance floor for sure though.

    overall…i think we can all agree luke knows what he’s doing.

  • I’m really missing stuff like the Moby Remix and melodic stuff he did in the past, this is pure crap imho. Great guy though!

  • For the record, I’ve heard this track live (dec 28 2012) and it KILLS the dance floor. Totally a crazy, fun track to enjoy in the club. Great track Luke. I support your style 100%

  • I miss his more melodic big room stuff like timebomb, till tonight, step by step.

  • Ddefinitely don’t hate this, but agree that it’s better suited to the dancefloor than it is to my living room.

  • I think this new Dutch Wave is just a massive overkill of bleep tracks. Let’s get creative again!

  • Agreed with Tyler! Especially that last part.

  • this is made for the dancefloor and for DJs to play out, and will surely do it’s job there…it’s not made to listen to in your computer chair for those of you bitching

  • Live stage magic right here!

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