In the wake of last year’s successful original release, aspiring Spanish DJ Danny Avila looks to extend the shelf life of his debut single ‘Breaking Your Fall’ with a four-track remix package courtesy of two acts from each side of the pond.

Swapping the original’s bright synth lines for pulsing beats and raw energy throughout, dBerrie, Mikael Weermets, Lucky Date and Sick Individuals are on hand to lay down four hard-hitting numbers of the synth-laden original mix.

Out today on Beatport.

11 Comments to “Release: Danny Avila – Breaking Your Fall (Remixes)”

  • Wicked remix package. Lucky date remix for me


  • @JB

    Most likely another spoild young teen with rich parents who paid his sound engineers/ghost writers. This is the cancer of any music genre, people who bought them self some success. Hope a real talent will blow up soon, we I need them in my itunes library.

  • this guy is a joke, shows what having rich parents and a good manager can do to you..

  • Can anyone explain who this dude is, and why he is ”famous”? I heard he played Ibiza all summer, and heard his track (not bad, but definitely not a hit like ”Troll” for example).

    Also read that he was mentioned on Dancing Astronaut as ”a guy to watch” during 2013.

    I might have missed something, perhaps he has some sick ID’s or incredible DJ skills that I don’t know about, but I’m still really curious about all this hype.


  • That awkward moment when ALL remixes are way better than the original.

  • He’s actually a really skilled DJ so he definitely deserves the shows he’s getting, but I doubt he can produce.

  • Isn’t this acapella extremely similar to How soon is now?

  • @Flint Beastwood
    His dad is the interior designer for a bunch of clubs in Spain, including Pacha Ibiza and Blue Marlin. Having said that, he’s been working closely with Fedde Le Grand for a while now and is releasing a track with him this year. I saw him open for Fedde in London and he really had great skills, built up perfectly with some tech house, went a bit commercial about halfway through and cooled down to set the stage for Fedde

  • Lucky Date all the way!

  • very good release

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