A formative figure amid the armada of talented British producers, the little sharp-teethed monster best known as Feed Me returns to Mau5trap to follow up on ‘Love Is All I Got’ with the release of a new three-track EP.

With a sound scope ranging from the distorted computer voice and intricate melodic stylings of title track ‘Death By Robot’ to the scattered bleeps of ‘Dialup Days’ and aggressive grinding of ‘Gravel,’ the ‘Death By Robot’ EP is a strong indication that the hysteria surrounding Feed Me remains wholeheartedly earned.

Out today on Beatport and iTunes.

5 Comments to “Release: Feed Me – Death By Robot EP”

  • Death by robot is an absolutely brilliant song!

  • iTunes Store : 1,99€
    Beatport : 7,49€ (tax included)

    Can somebody explain this ?

  • Skofild: I guess that it depends on which country you live in. But to be honest I do not know.

  • Actually this is amazing

  • Which do you recommend, iTunes or Beatport? Does Beatport-releases have better quality?

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