Wall Recordings warrior turned formative Electro House stomper Quintino joins forces with homeland producer Ralvero to release the official video preview for their upcoming release on Spinnin’ Records entitled ‘Jackpot.’

Balancing intense melodic progressions alongside piercing lead play, Quintino and Ralvero’s Tiësto-approved offering hits the middle-ground between their individual sounds with persuasive strength. As slick as it is heavy, this mechanically robust effort of high-octane Electro House marks a solid inaugural release of the New Year for the Dutch duo.

Out February 4th.

14 Comments to “Preview: Quintino & Ralvero – Jackpot”

  • As soon as i hear the lead melody start i closed the tab… COMEEE ONN SOME CREATIVITY PLEAAAAAAASE!

  • this is a fucking joke :D

  • decent stuff

  • Do they even spend time on their songs? It feels like they just put out random notes and a kick and i’ts done. :S

  • omg this is really really bad….

  • wow this is really original. all these sounds are so new to me . that saw lead , that bass drop . woow i have no words , we will remember this track in 10 years

  • Heard this kind of sound millions of times

  • SOOO EPIC, those chords and melody BANG BANG and the drop omg It makes me go crazy like in the video im jumping like crazy wohooo

  • Fuck those HATERS! GREAT track!!!

  • They’ve could have done the melody a lot better, but the drop.. I’M FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THIS DROP!

  • No one dare’s to be creative these days… Everybody just wanna make so much money of it before this genre gets overexploited and dies.

  • @Bruce Wayne

    That’s why it’s called Jackpot ;)

  • This is just crappy hardstyle speeded down a little. I can’t believe Beatmyday is paying these ‘artists’ any attention.

  • The drop is quite good, but nothing special. I will forget this track in 1 year.

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