Phazing head honcho Dirty South unites with Germany’s Deniz Koyu to preview the finished product of a joint studio session back in late August of last year, entitled ‘Halo’.

A set-staple throughout the City Of Dreams tour and told to be the last release before Dirty South’s debut studio album drops, ‘Halo’ rallies the duo’s knack for melodic stylings alongside their superior production values to create a solid first release of the New Year for the Aussie-German duo.

Out February 4th on Phazing Records.

25 Comments to “Preview: Dirty South & Deniz Koyu – Halo”

  • This style is getting little overdone i think, and the melody is little meh. That Alesso and Dirty south – city of dreams is amazing!

  • Massive !!! Love the artwork :)

  • Basic track … Nothing special.

  • The build is nothing to write home about.

  • Release date is February the 4th :)

  • agree with sallinger, really had higher expectation since its dirty and deniz =/

  • Could this be 2013 biggest disappointment? They could have done so much better. Dirty South is too cowardly. Koyu should have been in charged.

  • Disappointment damn .. :/ That is so sad they are both my favourite producers !

  • lol even though it’s so simple i still love it! <3 :D

  • Prefer this one to Rift personally. Really good !

  • Gotta Agree with the batman (Bruce Wayne) :’ Could this be 2013 biggest disappointment?’

  • @Simba Le Tambour @Bruce Wayne

    You’re agreeing with me as I am agreeing with myself. Dirty South is one of my favourite producers but this is pretty meh.

  • I think the melody is amazing. But yes when I first heard it I was expecting something bigger than the melody as a bassline. Good track but unfortunately nothing groundbreaking.

  • Think this one will be perfect for big venues with lots of drunk (mainstream) people, euphoric shit! However I as most of u expected much more from these two.

  • It’s definitely pretty basic, but I still dig it. Should be good for booties.

  • no risk taken in here, in other words… meh

  • Can feel a massive remix coming

  • am I the only one who really does not like the drop bassline?

  • It’s crazy, I’m never disappointed with Dirty South !!

  • @batman/Bruce Wayne
    Why so serious?

  • @drizz I feel the same!

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  • The extended makes it amazing. The arrangement is crazy :)

  • @Alan Wake The same! Maybe next time…

  • I think you are mistaking..

    Dirty South took risks making this track and did pretty well

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