Having given their their legacy amid Drum & Bass a successful extension to the realms of gritty Electro House and Dubstep for the masses, Pendulum side project turned unsuspecting chart sneakers Knife Party are back with a preview of the first track from their forthcoming follow-up EP to ‘Rage Valley’.

Given an exclusive spin at last night’s showcase on Turntable.fm, ‘Power Glove’ sees the Australian duo launch into a screeching onslaught of melodic synth play and grinding mechanical beats alongside opera-like vocal chants. With the complete EP due to be previewed in a live streamed set from The Opera House on February 1st, ‘Power Glove’ appears to be just the tip of yet another unparalleled release from Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

Set for release in February/March.

18 Comments to “Preview: Knife Party – Power Glove”

  • sick!!

  • More producers should take after Knife Party in the sense that they don’t release very often, but you know it’s always awesome when they do.

  • Jake +1

    Great track!!

  • Dear Knife Party,

    Thank you for the amazing tribute – we are speechless.


  • Does anyone know the name of the ep ? Sounds awesome !

  • like the first half, not so sure about the second half

  • HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, The first part is just proffesor shit

  • wholy shit!!!! i didn’t expect that :D

  • Hope Zoology will be on the EP.

  • all electro house producers should stop and start taking notes

  • Not Nintendo, Mattel Electronics. Get it right ;)

  • Wow, they never let me down

  • Wow! This is fucking huge!

  • Fucking gods is what they are.

  • @Jake They can release with small gaps. Not like Axwell, make 10 good tracks and wait 2 years to release them :/

  • @AQ

    Agree. It’s fucking ridiculous with producers who release one track a year. Idiots.

  • !!!!!! JEEEEZ, dunno what to say, this is just sikkkkk DOPE! it don’t get much better than thiz!

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