Hot on the heels from taking on rework duties for Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence‘, the man behind the black visor, best known to the world as Kryder, previews his first solo release of the New Year, following up on last September’s ‘Scorpio‘.

Ditching the grinding Electro approach of his last single, ‘Vyper’ rallies swift percussions and the raw energy closer associated with the sound scope that has pervaded his spree of collaborative remixes alongside Tom Staar.

More info on the release as we get it.

7 Comments to “Preview: Kryder – Vyper”

  • Boring… A shame because at some points I felt it had potential…

  • I disagree with hrvoje42, it’s got a sense of progessive energy, and let’s be honest, if I heard this in the club I’d go crazyyyyy

  • i disagree as well, there’s so much energy in this track!

  • I agree that it would probably work well in a club, but it’s boring for listening at home

  • I love this. It will work well in the club as well as when im ridin’ da buss.

  • train house..
    really like it.. works everywere for me!

  • pretty good expected much less from him

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