Merely a year after it’s premier at Avicii’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza at New York’s Pier 94, Arty returns to unveil the vocal mix and release date of his long-awaited single ‘Together We Are’, now featuring Chris James.

Between the blissful builds and James’ haunting vocals that pervade ‘Together We Are’, the aptly titled track marks an inoffensive middle-ground between his earlier Trance roots and the universally renowned Progressive stylings that have sealed his name.

Out February 18th.

Update: An official preview has been added.

22 Comments to “Preview: Arty feat. Chris James – Together We Are (Vocal Mix)”

  • i prefer instrumental version

  • Beautiful!

  • good!


  • FUCK I was sure. Please tell me the instrumental will be released at the same time. Please tell me…

  • Nice. One of my favorite producers and one of my favorite vocalists.

  • Please tell me instrumental will be released too at the same time. Hope it’s not When I See You all over again :/

  • Was supported by Armin van buuren aswell yesteday on A state of trance 597

  • I too would prefer instrumental mix, still a beautiful track though!

  • Link down

  • very good track

  • dafuq, those toms in the intro, and the vocals.. i prefer the old version..

  • you can hear the melodyne in the highparts of the vocal :’)..

  • Wow, dante you’re so cool!

  • @benn thanks broski. I can see you’re having trouble with my comments though, is there anything I can do to cheer you up?

  • Chris James vocal SUCKS! Instrumental SO MUCH bettterr!!

  • Liked the vocal except for the auto tune parts. Awesome track overall!

  • yesssssssssss mr.artyyyy!

    lookin forward to tomorrowlandZZZZZZZZZ

    fu” yes

  • When I saw that this is vocal version, I was shocked, but it’s not as bad as I expected… still, I hope the instrumental will also be released

  • So all we need is the original of When I see you

  • Vocal is awful and ruins this track. Arty needs to do what Avicii did with his vocal mix of I could be the one and release instrumental

  • you can hear 2nd drop on armin van buuren podcast. vocal is so bad saying sing it sing it. he needs to learn how to add vocals from sebastian ingrosso,alesso-calling to never add vocals in the middle of drop.

    still instr

  • Yeah! Instrumental to be released with Remixes in March! source:

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