In the aftermath of the release date announcement for ‘Mammoth’, Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike combine forces with hardstyle monger Coone and American rapper Lil’ Jon to release the long-awaited ‘Madness’ through Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records.

While Coone’s hard-hitting stylings can be immediately traced from the outset of the track’s cataclysmic drops, the Belgian duo’s knack for stadium-esque synth work is all too visible throughout the track. Coupled with the attitude-filled top line from Lil’ Jon, ‘Madness’ makes for a genre-defying inaugural release of 2013 for the Belgian-American foursome.

Out today on Beatport and iTunes.

16 Comments to “Release: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Coone ft. Lil Jon – Madness”

  • this shit sucks a lot … has nothing to do with EDM fucking Lil Jon n shit … those guys are bunch of idiost and they create a shit … however people will love it cus of names …

  • Hardstyle anyone?

  • If you heard this live….you’d be going for it like a fucking nutter i know i would! and don’t lie and say you wouldn’t.

    But yeah this is hardstyle hahaha……

    still good though..

  • Never, NEVER put a hardstyle bassline in less than 140 bpm! And if you do it, don’t do it in a track filled with electro house synths. Really disappointed with this track…

  • How can something be ”in the aftermath of a realese announcement”? haha, you guys write funny sometimes :)

  • it doesn’t sound like it’s finished, something feels really really off with it. and i cant stand lil’ jon.

  • ”Douchebag house”

  • and this comes out when you only use the good part of the song:

  • Vad fan gör han vid 1:58?

    Förövrigt är låten helt OK, inget mer. Känner som Johanna, det känns som att dom har mycket att arbeta vidare med på låten. Om den gick i 140 bpm skulle det sitta perfekt!

  • wtf is this crap douchebag music doing on beatmyday?

  • What a shame, the beginning sounds amazing and then that weird drop.

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