Under the guise of his bleep-happy studio alias Clockwork, Henry Steinway steps up to preview a new two-track EP for Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records titled ‘Surge’.

With titanic surges of bass in full effect, title track ‘Surge’ takes the lead with resonant synth work and chugging Electro House builds alongside the voice of self-professed dirty talker Wynter Gordon. On the flip, ‘Tremor’ extends on the wizardry that pervaded his remix of Congorock’s ‘Bless Di Nation’ for an equally stellar B-side of his signature misshapen chord play.

Out February 12th.

7 Comments to “Preview: Clockwork – Surge EP”

  • Great work !

  • Not sure how well the vocal fits Surge but both songs are great and different, love him

  • “I feel it in my bones…” anyone?

  • Such a f* great groove! LOVE IT!

  • RL GRIME :)

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