Off the back of laying down a Swedish House Mafia-approved number of Discopolis’ ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion‘ for Axwell’s Axtone Records, DubVision are back at Spinnin’ Records to preview their third original release on the label in ‘Redux’.

Armed with their signature hard-hitting synth play and blissful melodics, ‘Redux’ sees the brotherly Dutch duo make a mark of quality with a track that lacks in overall originality, but excels on the merits of invigorating energy.

Out March 8th.

18 Comments to “Preview: DubVision – Redux”

  • Disappointingly familiar….

  • beautiful melody

  • hmm the melody is cool but why they use exactly the same sounds in every track they have put out ?

    come one..

  • This guys are the future of Progressive House, I love all their songs

  • FAT!!

  • dont hate so much… make it better

  • ah that gated snare as got out of hands nowadays, everybody is using it..But yeah dissapointing and nothing special =/

  • These guys are like NO_ID making the same song in different keys and calling it new

  • I mean cmon guys just b/c All By myself was good doesn’t mean you can copy the same formula every time

  • A killer song again, nice to see you keep your own style!!!!

  • How creative, sound just like all other songs they made. And I think it’s more Alesso style rather than their style :d

  • I rather listen to Dubvision tracks, which i know are quality, instead of listening to producers that try to find originality and fail to give even a decent track

  • agreed could listen to this style by dubvision with different melodies everytime

  • I love these guys and all that but guys if you read this please switch it up just a little bit more…

  • i really don’t give a shit about them using the same snare, or arrangement. if it’s good it’s good…and this is brilliant!

  • so massive!

  • This is fucking massive, I love their style.

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