A set-staple throughout Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour, Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike return to Axtone Records two years after their remix duties for ‘One Look’ alongside Axwell himself with ‘Wakanda’, a tribute to a fictional African country in the comic book ‘Black Panther’.

Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the burly low-end surges and churning rhythmic builds make for one of the most pervasive yet minimalistic peak timers of the season. Leaping from subtle swells to surges of standalone lead play, the Tomorrowland residents prove that less can still be all the more powerful on the 21st century dance floor with this triumphant low-end festival cut.

Out February 11th.

65 Comments to “Preview: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Wakanda [Axtone]”

  • Phat as fauuuuk

  • dra åt helvete vad fet

  • äntligen

  • Boom. No words to describe! Epic :D

  • Phat as fudge

  • SICK track to match SICK artwork! Axtone never disappoints with their releases!

  • I would have never expected this on Axtone…

  • Phat as fuck ! Proud of my fellow belgians !

  • not available in germany … f you GEMA f you!!!

  • it’s official.. house = hardstyle

  • “Avicii”: Updated the post with an official Soundcloud preview.

  • now it’s time for refune to release something =D

  • It’s shit!


  • First of all….Axtone??? That surprised me. Second, well, I love DV & LM, but this is….shit. Sorry, but it’s very plain, and not special in any way. Although I liked these “aboriginal” vocals. On another note, When is Mammoth coming out? Now, THAT is an awesome production.

  • its a fat track no doubt, but its certainly not good track

  • Hardstyle on Axtone, meh

  • Oh thanks! Damn, I even commented on it :-P

  • @simon @ apiz you really don’t know hardstyle to say that

  • Hah really. Saying this is hardstyle is kinda retarded. It’s just really hard not hardstyle.

    Like the track but the venue speakers are going to have a tough time.

  • @Brecht, but it does have a distorted kickdrum, that’s what they are referring to.

  • This is so bad

  • @Bandis:

    Here is Mammoth (Original Mix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCe3aWBW8cI

  • What the fudge? Iv always loved Axtone, but this is miles away from the quality releases the label has seen over the years. Axtone has always stood for innovative, melodic, well produced music. Perhaps there simpely is’nt any to choose from..

  • Definitely not a typical axtone track but regardless completely bonkers track, so sick!!!!

  • Boooring !!! Where the f*** is Tokyo By Night,Make Your Mind Up and Story Of Boy Meets Girl…c’mon Axtone,you can do it !!!

  • House music is dying….

  • BOOM at the arena

  • :(

  • Dissapointed in axwell/axtone records… this year all releases have been quite boring and nothing to be remembered so far.. except CLMD release

  • I didn’t know that axtone releases hardstyle! Just to clear things up, there’s a big difference between hardstyle and house.
    @Leeroy this i definitly more an hardstyle track than a house track. I dont think you know what you’re talking about.

  • AXTONE is dead !

  • Calm your tits everybody! This track is decent. Nothing more, nothing less. Enough with the HYPE.

  • this is the worst release in Axtone’s history

  • lol at the youtube comments:


    “Mother of drops!”

    “Oh my god that drop :|

    Well, it’s official. House music is all about the DROP. Yeesh! Can someone produce a house track with no drop? F*ck the drop. #NODROP2013

  • @Bruce Wayne Well, you want an awesome track with no drop? Search for “James Zabiela – The Healing (Original Mix)”. You will never regret it.

    @Cowy Yeah, where the hell are these tracks anyways?

  • Also guys, this song isn’t acctually produced by dimitri vegas and like mike those but by this guy https://twitter.com/MaartenVorwerk check his tweets out

  • “mike” oh wow. So sad they don’t even make the music.

  • completely agree with bruce wayne, which is ironic given my username. #NODROP2013

  • Its sounds awful in that preview, i think this is a very early Studio version. They will release it more “outproduced” (dont know the right word in english, the german guys will understand it)…
    Sounds much better at the shm tour…

  • Axtone releasing hardstyle ? This is the worst track on Axtone ever,

  • So yeah, what’s your definition of hardstyle?if you refer to the kick, so go listen a really hardstyle kick,even an early hardstyle kick is more distorted. In the construction of the track, the lead, the mid intro, the percussion; definitely not hardstyle. I listen to hardstyle for 6 years, and compare this track to hardstyle is a big mistake.

  • First of all, no, this is nowhere near a hardstyle track!

    Secondly, it’s people like some of you that are holding back this kind of music with your non-flexible music taste. Jesus christ, open your minds already. Encourage change instead of working against it.

    Thirdly, NO, house music is not dying. If you know your house music, you’ll know this barely can be recognized as such and there is plenty of really really good house music getting released every day.

    With that said, really impressed with this track! It’s fun to see that Axtone is mixing it up a bit and I guess many of you naysayers will change your minds once you’ve experienced this track in a proper set of speakers (e.g. funktion one)!

  • What jake said! not near a hardstyle song in this universe, and i’m proud of Axtone for mixin’ it up with some fresh new tunes!

    way to go DV & LM !!!! keep this shit real!

  • Disapointing to see ghost producing from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike… but at least it sheds light on why they are not consistent in their producing skills.

  • ^^ Whats the source that this was ghost produced?

    Banger of a track, great release from Axtone who always deliver awesome music…

    And this is not a hardstyle track, yes the BPM on this is probably quicker than 128 (around the typical house sound), but it isnt even close to 150 BPM (around what the Hardstyle sound is).

  • Lol at haters.. It’s not because maybe they collab with a guy it means they don’t make their own tracks… We all know they love to collab-why would so many bigger artists like Axwell or Steve Aoki work with them over the years if they have no talent? I 100% hear DVLM in this… Fat drums like LTWB remix!!!

  • This should have been signed to size not axtone..

  • @Nicky : if you collab then at least name the people with whom you produce…

  • I love the way they are bringing back the oldskool rave sounds and jump drums!!
    First Madness… now Wakanda… Also very much looking forward to this new collab with GTA – check :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tkYk9QYJug ( at 03.00 ) Proud to be Belgian!!! Tomorrowland !!!!

  • haha once again Diplos Mad decent label shows the way on how music will sound, cool release by the way

  • axtone used to relase songs you would listen to for years. this is just plain shit

  • Such a banger. Man I love Axtone!

  • Worst thing I’ve heard this year. How is this even getting a release? Never mind on Axtone!

  • good.

  • At 1:00, really like what it drops into! Can see this getting a croud going nuts if played at the right time.

  • I first heard it on Swedish House mafia concert few weeks ago
    Dimitri & Mike came and played it here in Delhi last night…. it was madnesssssss…

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