Continuing the trend of giving away productions of his own in celebration of major milestones, Avicii celebrates three million fans on Facebook with a free download of the aptly titled ‘Three Million (Your Love Is So Amazing)’, featuring Sweden-born singer Negin.

Initially recorded for a vocal mix of his remix duties for Daft Punk’s ‘Derezzed‘, Tim Bergling utilizes Negin’s vibrant vocals with a string of swift keys and an overall sound reminiscent of his darker studio output under the guise of Tim Berg.


30 Comments to “Free Download: Avicii ft. Negin – Three Million (Your Love Is So Amazing)”

  • 1 million more fans a little less than a year after his ‘Two Million’ track. Crazy how fast he’s become popular!

  • This is a very nice surprise! Some of his recent tracks have been a little disappointing but this is really good! Excited about his future releases also, as should you if you’ve seen an Avicii show this month!

  • Yeah ever since his essential mix he’s just exploded.

  • magic!!

  • More like, crazy how fast Ash has been buying him facebook fans. Avicii is popular because he is a great producer, but he isn’t 3 million fans popular.

  • What tyler said ^^

    Gotta love that all the fans are from ”Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico” for most DJs these days, including people like Dannic, Julian Jordan, Dyro etc

  • Am I the only one thats hearing a little Pjanoo in the arp? :P

  • Actually I didn’t like this track at all.

  • yes it does sound like pjanoo.. and the track is really lame.

  • @Man I hear it. Really similar.

  • by the way havent he used this vocal on his derezzed remix?

  • Det är helt värdelöst att den nya Soundcloud embedden inte har en volymkontroll. Vafan tänkte dom egentligen?

  • Track sounds like it’s made years ago…

  • the first break was amazing but what happened in the drop? No thanks for me

  • Yeah it was initially put on his vocal derezzed remix, it sounded better sad…. But this one’s always better than his biggest crap ever ” two million”.

  • lolmad; agree with you!!

    OnT: PHAT!!

  • not bad timmy

  • It will be pretty cool to see what happens with Avicii within the next five years. His amount off popularity is insane and he probably has alot of ”Level’s-ish tunes in store to secure another 10 years of the throne in dance music! I’ve outgrown his music but it’s fun to see that he have developed alot since the 2008 era.

  • The thing with Avicii every song/remix has a really good melody/hook in it, wich many producers lack of. I mean I get a feeling either it’s happy or little mysterious when i listen. He is actually really talented in melodies in my opinion.

  • Yes Avicii is talented and makes great melodies but this is just a copy of the Pjanoo arp. So he took the arp, extended it a bit and chucked some sounds in it.
    Not very much effort

  • @Le, The arp is not sampled from Pjanoo, the arp in Pjanoo is more squareish. This arp sound is also used in his track Derezzed.

    I really like this one but the vocals could have been a little more ‘wet’ I think. Overall it’s coool

  • Mexico City has a population of over 21 million people in metropolitan area
    Its a free track, why over analyzing and critiquing a free track….

  • This is lame :/

  • I can’t recall anything from Avicii produced in the last year that I said, wow, that’s good.

  • eric prydz inc

  • vem fan är så dum och tror att han suttit och lyssnat på pjanoo och sen tänkt ”fet arp, jag tar den nu” ? trött på att folk ska jämföra minsta lilla grejer i alla låtar.
    ”näe alldeles för likt synthen som går mellan 01:00 och 01:01 i den här remixen på den här låten, så nu hatar jag den här”


  • Kinda boring melody..

    Btw, only me who hear ”derezzed” in the beggining and in the end?

  • @fettan så rätt. Det är så tragiskt att VARENDA låt med avicii är det alltid ”LAME, COPY, SKIT” etc etc.

    Vad fan är felet? Avicii är underbar.

  • Wasn’t this actually supposed to be the real acapella for his Derezzed remix? etc

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