In a time where putting together an album has become something of a trend within Dance music, Dirty South is the next artist to bat for the full-length format. Following yesterday’s album listening party, the Australian producer took to Twitter to confirm the release date of his debut studio album, ”Speed Of Life”, for March 5th, a mere week before UMF Miami kicks off it’s 2013 edition.

While little is still known about the album and with a public preview yet to surface, the general response from the select few that was treated to the full thing at Los Angeles’ The Village Recording Studios last night suggests that ”Speed Of Life” will go down as a successful landmark for the Phazing head honcho.

”Speed Of Life” will be released March 5th exclusively via iTunes and will precede an EP release from Ruben Haze – his side-project with renowned singer/songwriter Rudy Sandapa.

Update (14/2): An album trailer has been released along with the tracklisting.


1. Gods (feat. Ruben Haze)
2. Super Sounds
3. Until The End (feat. Joe Gil)
4. Champions
5. Sunrise
6. Your Heart (feat. Joe Gil)
7. Reset
8. Something Like You (feat. Rudy)
9. Sunset
10. Speed Of Life

10 Comments to “Dirty South to release debut album ”Speed Of Life” on March 5”

  • YES!!!

  • excited to see what style it’s going to to be, if he’s gone for just his regular sound or mixed it up a bit.

  • what i hope is that the album have solo tracks by Dirty South and not only collabs. cant remember when was the last time that i heard a solo track from Dragon



  • fuck im excited for this one

  • Wonder if he will finally release that track with axwell they’ve been chirping about very vaguely the past 3 years.

  • anyone think that this:
    will be on the album? (if it’s a dirty south and axwell track of course)

  • I’m gonna be angry if dirty south does the same as calvin harris and only release radio edits

  • this is so awesome !

  • 微温的な沈黙。習慣的な仕事に気を向けてる――(やや麻痺(まひ)されてる)――態度や顔つきの静穏さ。日々のきまった仕事や、馴(な)れきった生活や、同じ時間に同じようにやってくるとわかっていながらも、やはりしみじみとした落ち

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