At the epicentre of their final tour as Swedish House Mafia, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell unite for a hotly tipped new single ‘We Came We Raved We Loved’. Used as the opening track throughout their on-going 53-stop world tour, the track encompasses the familiar energy of ‘Greyhound’ while hitting home on the spiritual message of their take on the familiar quote ”Veni, Vidi, Vici”. As two thirds of one of the more archetypal families in European Dance music, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso show positive stead to the trio’s split with a strong collaborative effort for 2013.

More info on the release as we get it.

Confirmed by TV Rock’s Grant Smillie on inthemix.

Words by Dan Carter

38 Comments to “Preview: Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – We Came We Raved We Loved”

  • Oh, thought this was Swedish House Mafia and not only Axwell and Ingrosso.

  • Why is Angello not involved?

  • Rave

  • wow… I did not expect this… but this somehow confirms the rumors about Steve Angello growing apart from Ax & Seb, although it is kind of sad… I am happy that the 2 remaining swedes made another tune together:D I am even more hyped for this to be released:) for now, even a official preview (soundcloud etc) would be good

  • We Come We Rave We Loved not came*

  • We Love*

  • this is going to be huge!! got chills when i heard it them play it in sweden

  • I think Steve Angello try to focus his own label and try to make tracks with his brother AN21 and Max Vangeli. I hoped he will join their forces with Swanky Tunes and make same bombs to destroy the dancefloors.

  • =)
    bring the music back boys

  • Actually, @andrew1156 is WE CAME WE RAVED WE LOVED

  • @J. Louis : I did not write the name of the track in my comment…

  • Maybe they will be selling their 28 unreleased demos under collabs like that (Steve and Ax, Ax and Steve)! I don’t know, just an idea xD

    BTW I have a strange feeling about Steve in SHM…I feel like he’s very bored to do this Last Tour with Ax and Seb…It feels like Steve and Seb aren’t really good friends anymore…:/

    Cheers from France

  • Sarthak: Will double-check if the title is present tense or past tense. :)

  • @JBD: that is my opinion as well. I mean, even if you look at the pictures from the tour so far, you can clearly see that Angello isn’t on the same wave-lenght as Ax and Seb

  • JBD : Maybe…. We never will know that i think

  • What a track ! Axwell and Seb always give their 100 % in the booth ! but looking at Angello he looks so uninspired just collecting the doe ! He’s a great producer/Dj don’t get me wrong but this one last tour should mean more to them than just to him and for the fans that have supported him through the years !!!.

  • massive!!

  • And I thougt Axwell is the one who doesn’t want anymore when I read (nearly one year ago) that Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello made Eclipse (Why Am I doing this) together.

    And … Seb and Steve work(ed) together with Skrillex and Ellie Golding.

  • Ett steg i rätt riktning iallafall. Snälla ingen mer tuggummipop nu. Det ska vara hårt och stökigt! Skit i tjejerna och deras jävla privilegium att alltid få en vocal version. Fack them. Det ska vara hårt och rått! Klubbigt.

  • No surprise… Axwell & Seb has been together in studio for long, without angello..,

  • it’s ok if Angello isn’t in this collab, he’s working on his album anyways right?

  • I have expected this. Angello looked VERY off at Friends Arena and spent by far the least amount of time behind the decks. Granted it was the first night of the three concerts but it was very obvious he wasn’t feeling comfortable at all.

    The Dance Valley video where he acts like a total jerk with a pre-recorded set made me loose alot of respect for him. Also he handles haters like a complete moron. If he would focus on his loyal fans and not his haters he wouldnt have so many haters since they feed on attention.

    With that said Steve has produced some extremely good tracks in his time and he has nothing left to prove in my opinion. It’s just a shame that he is declining like he is. Signing Qulinez ( I would love to hear what troll sounded like before it got to Steve ) and signing Wayne & Woods who from what I have heard (their tunes not rumours) are completely terrible.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong though. And I really hope Steve has some cards up his sleeve.

  • I’ve read that his album sounds extremely good so far

  • Guys stop saying bullshits!! Its not big deal that steve is not here !! He collaborated before with Seb on Why am I doing this.In this track maybe was the idea of Seb and Ax!!


  • quite disapointed by this

  • LOL! Can you see why they would want to split up when there are so many idiots on blogs like this telling each other how they’ve noticed Steve falling apart from the other 2 members of the group. THESE ARE PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER MET. YOU HAVE NO WAY OF TELLING WHAT IS GOING ON IN THEIR FRIENDSHIPS. YOU ARE JUST PURELY SPECULATING, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON’T.

    Apologies for shouting, but there are so many retards on the internet. They have all made tracks together in various permutations of the trio at some point or another in their careers. The fact Steve is not featured here tells us nothing. The fact is, they stated DYWC would be the last track (for a while, at the very least) that they would do together. So if Steve was here, that would be a bit more disappointing. Go educate yourselves, for the sake of music and humanity.

  • This is hilarious.

    So what he is not a part, you reckon you can tell whats going on behind the scenes by looking at pictures?

    If even props to Steve for not bothering to spend the 30th show mixing the same set over and over.

  • If I were Steve I would hate Seb and Axwell too if the showed me this uncreative shit of a track that sounds just like greyhound which wasn’t that good anyways. I heard this song a while ago, you can here the whole thing here in HQ

  • Ed your obviously the idiot trying to educate the bloggers, matter of opinions don’t like it get off the site.

  • Damn, wanted Angello on this one a well!!!

  • Big track,..But yeah what happened to angello I though this would be a new shm track :)

  • FYI:
    Here’s the 2 intros that are being used on the ”One Last Tour”

    First Curtain Drop

    Second Curtain Drop

  • This song would be ten times better if Angello was on it

  • ingrosso and axwell should be shot for taking the swdish house mafia quote and turning into their own record. its their fault that house mafia is breaking up by pushing steve further away because he has size matters

  • SHM’s split-up will only result in no more touring. They will still make music under the name Swedish House Mafia.

    This is confirmed news by a personal friend to Ingrosso,

  • What are you guys talking about?! Angello & Ingrosso have done tracks before, and angello with axwell etc. What is so strange about this collab??
    Getting angry to ax and seb? They will always do that, and they have always do!

  • ”ingrosso and axwell should be shot for taking the swdish house mafia quote and turning into their own record. its their fault that house mafia is breaking up by pushing steve further away because he has size matters

    Read more:


    Steve got size
    Axwell got Axtone
    Sebastian got refune.

    Whats your point?

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