Back on full effect for their debut release of 2013, Axtone employ Belgium’s Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to kick of the year with warped tribal peak timer ‘Wakanda’. Dropping off the back of their recent Dim Mak single alongside Coone and Lil Jon, the warped sample work and unrestrained leads that permeate through ‘Wakanda’ see the brotherly duo deploy one of the more striking extensions of their studio output to date. As an imprint renowned for quality over quantity in the field of modern house music, Axtone score a definitive peak timer unlike anything we have heard from the label of late.

Out today on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

19 Comments to “Release: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Wakanda”

  • haha, so wakanda and swoon won’t get in to a conflict next week? haha

  • henrikti: I think so!

  • @henrikti
    no, i think because a 320kbit/s version of Wakanda leaked yesterday. I would say Axtone tries to reduce the damgae due to illegal/ leaked copies of the track.

  • Wakanda is a beatiful gift for my Birthday..Today!!! You can make me another beatiful gift… Check Out my Profile, listen to my song, hit like and leave a comment, if you want to make me the best gift of my birthday share my song in all the social networks!! Thank You!!


  • A lot of music that were supposed come out today got leaked in the past 3 days, including wakanda

  • No, ‘Wakanda’ didn’t technically leak. It was accidentally released on iTunes on Saturday. Although it was removed within just a few hours, several fans got their hands on a copy and it started to spread on the internet. Hence why it was prematurely released today on Beatport.

  • Not gonna lie, I was super stoked for this after watching the video of SHM playing it. I watched it over and over and thought the drop was insane, and was a little let down when I played it today. It’s not because I overplayed it and it got old or anything, trust me, but I guess playing it in my car doesn’t capture the mystique of hearing it live. I have no idea what sound Axtone is going for anymore, either. I get that any label wants to release bangers/anthems/etc., but where’s some brand recognition nowadays? Like Toolroom, I usually know what to expect. Same with 1605. Axtone, not so much anymore.

  • When producers and the new kids to the scene gonna get tired of this shit? Seriosly This BIg EDM scene is getting so boring. Now the majority of Progressive House and Electro House are making this big tracks made for festivals like tomorrow and and shit like that. 90% of the tracks sounds so similar to each other. Saturday i went to a festival And THOMAS GOLD was playing… The Set was boring as hell.. Playing these big Tracks over and over and it was like hearing the same track, I was about to leave the place,But When ABEL RAMOS started to play he killed it! Every track had a different vibe,it was so good and creative Set.He did’t play this big tracks all the time.Pepople Loved it.

  • Why would axtone realease this , hopefully new Axwell single will smash it asap !

  • definitely not the usual axtone-ish style…

  • Pathetic release, Axtone lost its origin today.

  • Kind of awesome track! not everyday you hear such good quality track.
    Fun fact: It was ghostproduced by another dutch guy, so was epic evidentially.

  • Wasn’t it ghost produced by the same guy who did Quintinos part in Epic (pretty sure Sandro Silva did his own work). Martin Vorwek or something is his name. Guy has some talent for these massive sounding tracks evidently

  • axtone what are you doing ????? definitely not feeling this one

  • same rave sound in the drop as ”Hit it” from digital lab hendrix and GTA…

  • WAsn’t that african chant sampled from another old song? I swear i’ve heard this years back, just can’t figure out what track it was HELP??

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