Following close to four months of silence on the release front, Lenno returns to take on official remix duties of Danish pop princess Nabiha’s hit single ‘Mind The Gap’ for his inaugural release of 2013.

Rich in brass elements and the Finnish producer’s instantly recognizable bubbly sound, Lenno embraces his downtempo mindset to complement Nabiha’s lush voice with a solid dose of lazy disco stylings.

Out now on iTunes and Spotify.

10 Comments to “Release: Nabiha – Mind The Gap (Lenno Remix)”

  • Grymt talangfull !!

  • love this kid :)

  • YES!!!! #NODROP2013

  • amazing!

  • kid needs to learn how to dress lol

  • @don or maybe it’s you that need to learn how to dress? very slick t shirt

  • very nice track tho

  • shit man this is good

  • Any word on US availability? Even the soundcloud is down. Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Lenno is SO talented !

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